Registering BSAs

Registering Your BSAs

This is a quick install guide. For any troubleshooting, see the complete installation guide.
For OpenMW users, instead see how to edit your OpenMW config file.
To register your BSA files, open up your Morrowind.ini, which is found in the Morrowind folder. If you do not see Morrowind.ini, run MorrowindLauncher.exe and open up the options menu to generate a new ini.

Backup your ini before you make any changes to it.

Down the bottom of the ini file you will see a list under "[Archives]". Add in TR_Data.bsa and PT_Data.bsa if it they are not already listed by copying and pasting the section below. Save the file and exit it.

Archive 2=PT_Data.bsa
Archive 3=TR_Data.bsa

Your Morrowind.ini should be in your Morrowind folder. Scroll down to the bottom to see the archive list.

Make sure you have PT_Data and TR_Data listed. They should be after BM & TB.
Also, make sure your Game Files list is at the VERY bottom of the ini file. Otherwise weird issues can happen.
Cut and paste it to move it to the very bottom if needed.

Once the BSAs are registered, open up your load order in the Morrowind Launcher or a mod manager. Tick the box next to Tamriel_Data.esm, TR_Mainland.esm, and any TR plugins you want to use like TR_Travels.esp (which integrates travel between the base game and our content), TR_Factions.esp (which makes our faction questlines and vanilla's more integrated) or to see our unfinished content, TR_Preview.esp and optionally TR_Travels_(Preview_and_Mainland).esp (found in the Data Files/Extras folder) instead of the normal TR_Travels.esp.

And now, your copy of Tamriel Rebuilt should be ready to play! For any further troubleshooting, see the complete installation guide.