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Tamriel Rebuilt is pleased to announce the release of build 17.09!

What’s New

Three big changes come with the September release! Please make sure you updated Tamriel_Data to version 4 (plus the hotfix if you are using the High Def version) before updating.

First, the Faction Merger, one of the goals set out in 2014‘s Statement of Vision has begun. In this first iteration, the Mainland factions have been rolled into Vvardenfell‘s factions (for example the Mainland Great House Telvanni members all belong to House Telvanni).

For little impact on the gameplay on Vvardenfell, TR_Mainland simply contains the new faction tags, and additional quests. All content is optional and nothing changes on Vvardenfell.
For additional gameplay changes, a new plugin, TR_Factions has been made available, that will eventually contain our overhaul to the faction endgame questlines. For now, it contains additional quests on the mainland councillors for the budding Telvanni Hortator, unified faction reaction tables and adjusted rank requirements.
This all works without further changes for your new character. For existing characters, however, you will need to load the included TR_ConvertFactionProgress.esp once to change your mainland faction progress into progress for the new, merged, factions.

Second, the Aanthirin visual overhaul has begun. In an attempt to give the mouth of the Thirr up to Lake Andaram a distinct flavor, the Ascadian Isles trees and ground are in the process of being replaced with a new, orange-greenish palette. This will give additional visual consistency when our exterior development moves further south into the orange Thirr Valley and the red canyons of Shipal-Shin. Of course, this work moves in parallel with efforts to make both river banks ready for merging into TR_Mainland. Settlement corrections, bugfixes, and new dialogue has been implemented and continues to be in the works.

Third, work on Old Ebonheart has progressed to the point where it is nearly ready to be moved into TR_Mainland. Unfortunately, the optimistic hopes that it could be finished for this release were dashed. Half of the interiors of Ebon Tower, the majestic castle, as well as NPCs and quest work, have yet to be done. Nevertheless, the exterior has been edited both for performance and for the new, final Ebon Tower exterior, and a few quests have been added to the city.

There are also several smaller features:

The Ordinators-in-Mourning have received a voiceover courtesy of MorrowindShorts. As with some additional minor changes on Necrom‘s exterior, this is in preparation for a future questline which will give the city above Necrom and Necrom itself the proper spotlight a major pilgrimage site should have.

The Orethan riverbed, long out-of-sync between the planning map, TR_Mainland, and TR_Preview, has been reviewed and redirected so that it flows in a clear line that doesn‘t stop abruptly.

Slight adjustments have been made to TR_Travels and the first NPCs have been moved from TR_Travels into TR_Mainland. For maximum compatibility with other mods, our edits to the mainland NPCs as well the worldspace implementation of our additional travel NPCs will remain in TR_Travels, seperate from the main file.

Several cities and dungeons have been given full interiors, work around Teyn has made the Imperial town and its immediate surroundings fully playable, and smaller corrections and bugfixes have been done as much as possible. Assets have been created for smaller Dres cantons and Dunmer scout camps, several new books have been written with the Peryiton one the most impressive efforts so far.

For more detailed informations, please check our Release Notes.

The Tamriel Rebuilt Team still needs YOU!

As work focuses on finishing our in-progress regions so that we can move down towards the Deshaan, we need help, this time specifically on the asset creation and questing front.

If you want to write dialogue or quests, know your way around the Construction Set, GIMP or Blender, and want to contribute, you are of course welcome. But even if you don’t have those skills yet, you are welcome to talk about Tamriel Rebuilt, Morrowind, or lore in general.

Tamriel Rebuilt not only has its own website and forum for you to post in, it also has its own IRC channel and Discord server! Access information can be found here. We hold weekly, public development meetings on Discord, 5PM UTC on Sundays where everybody can join in and say their piece.

If you are interested, don’t be afraid to just hang around. Tamriel Rebuilt is for everyone, and will remain so!