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Tamriel Rebuilt is pleased to announce the release of build 19.12 - Aanthirin. 

In the last Old Ebonheart release, we showed you a glimpse of the lands that once Prophet Veloth himself has passed, who tamed its tumbling waters during his great exodus to the Sacred East; and now, we are presenting you the whole region. Venture through the rich soils and gently flowing waters of Aanthirin, the crossroads of Morrowind.


Newly released area, along with newly created Idaverrano and Wavebreaker Keep

What's New?

The main attraction of this release is the region of Aanthirin; large and unnatural landscape dominated by the Thirr River, the largest river in Morrowind. The region's picturesque landscape hides the vicious power struggle between the encroaching Great Houses. New settlements in the release include Almas Thirr, a Temple stronghold built where the Prophet Veloth and his followers once crossed the river on their great journey to the East, and Roa Dyr, the chapel stronghold of Indoril Ilvi, located in the Indoril-controlled side of the region. 

We are also proud to say that this new release adds more than 60 quests to the mainland. Almas Thirr features a lengthy and branching Temple questline where the player is tasked with keeping the fragile peace between House Hlaalu and House Indoril in the face of an impending House War, as well as a sacred Temple order intended for high level players. In addition to a new pilgrimage, faithful acolytes will see their belief tested and perhaps, rewarded. Both back in Old Ebonheart and across the Thirr River in Hlaalu-controlled lands, players can find many more adventures waiting for them. Race a man who runs as fast as lightning, collect bounties to earn a lord's favor, help an ambitious wizard to break the laws of time and space, and investigate the disappearance of a sailor in the isolationist lake town of Aimrah and many more.

Tur Julan, Almas Thirr and Roa Dyr

Settlements such as Aimrah, Indal-ruhn, Gol Mok and other Hlaalu plantations located in the Hlaalu-controlled side of the region are also made available with local dialogue and several miscellaneous quests.


 Oran Plantation and Aimrah


Updates & Fixes

Old Ebonheart and the eastern mainland have seen their own share of fixes and updates. Several new quests can be found from the Ebon Tower to the city above Necrom. Many more bugfixes have been applied to all of Tamriel Rebuilt.


Preview Progress

Lots of new content has made its way into TR_Preview since the last update, and existing areas have received major overhauls. First and foremost, with the completion of the required assets, exterior work on Thirr Valley, one of the three regions of Narsis District, finally began and is now nearly 2/3 complete. Hlan Oek, Idathren, Othmura, Ald Iuval, and Ald Marak are among the settlements to visit, while Ud Hleryn and Sadrathim remain in development.

Screenshots from the newest region of TR


Secondly, Roth Roryn, Ascadian Bluffs, and the Armun Ashlands have seen much progress. The exteriors have received further reworking, making them nearly ready for the next release. In addition, dozens of interiors have been added to them, many being completed years ago and only now being used.



There has also been a headway regarding the Deshaan. The arid plains have been a bottleneck for TR for many years and unfortunately never saw the light of the day, until the last 6 months. With the help of our recently arrived asset developers, the existing ground textures have been overhauled and new rock and salt formations, natural cave sets and organic tileset for Dres clansteads have been added to our asset pool. This is still not enough for exterior work to kick off, but we believe we are on the right track. 

Finally, the new original Tamriel Rebuilt Soundtrack is now in beta and ready for the public to enjoy. Try it out for yourselves and tell us what you think. It requires the latest MUSE 2 version, keep it in mind.
TR Soundtrack Beta




Before we end it here, we'd like to give two big shoutouts. First up, Eric Gordon Berg, for composing a great piece of music for our official trailer. You can watch it over at our Youtube channel here and you can listen to the track ''A World Rebuilt'' over at his Soundcloud here.
And secondly, Darkelfguy from Morrowind Modding Showcases, for creating our trailer. Check out his channel here for Morrowind modding news and great showcases of mods.
We'd like to thank both of them for taking their precious time to contribute to Tamriel Rebuilt.

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