Tamriel Rebuilt - 22.11 Release

Trailer for Dominions of Dust.

Tamriel Rebuilt, the 21-year-old modding project to add the mainland of Morrowind to The Elder Scrolls III, is proud to announce release 22.11 including the twin expansions of Dominions of Dust and Embers of Empire.

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Dominions of Dust centers on Andothren, a huge Hlaalu trade port on the Inner Sea southwest of Vvardenfell. West of the city are dangerous and sparsely inhabited borderlands, in contention between Great Houses Hlaalu and Redoran.

Embers of Empire completely overhauls the western shore of the Telvanni peninsula with its Imperial settlements of Firewatch and Helnim – the lone outposts of Imperial power in this most hostile part of Morrowind.

Newly released areas of the mod are highlighted.

What’s New?

Dominions of Dust encompasses a contested badlands steeped in the history of Resdayn. Narrow canyons wind through the rocky Roth Roryn, which the Redoran once proudly called the Stones March. Now, they cling on to only a slice, retreating from Hlaalu industrialists that seek to exploit the lucrative mines of the region. To the west against the Cyrodiil border tower the snowy peaks of the Velothi Mountains, where the Dwemer once reigned supreme. Only the most hardy dare to venture its hidden valleys now. Finally, to the south lie the unforgiving Armun Ashlands, a land still devastated from the eruption of Red Mountain, where clan Ishanuran lives by the nomadic ways of their forebears.

The city of Andothren, Bodrum in the Roth Roryn region, and the Armun Ashlands. See more in the Dominions of Dust gallery.

Dominions includes:

  • 314 exterior cells of new lands for the player to explore (for comparison, TES III: Bloodmoon added about 150 cells).
  • Over 120 new quests, including two different questlines for the Tribunal Temple, questlines for House Hlaalu, Morag Tong, the Imperial Legion, and the Fighters and Mages guilds, as well as innumerable miscellaneous adventures (cf. TES III: Bloodmoon added 54 quests).
  • The city of Andothren, one of the major Dunmer trade ports on the Inner Sea and a stronghold of House Hlaalu. This is among several other new Hlaalu, Redoran, and Imperial settlements included here.
  • Two new Ashlander clans, complete with their own miscellaneous and Nerevarine quests.
  • A new joinable vampire clan – the Orlukh.
  • Roughly 415 new fully-detailed interiors – buildings, ruins, and caves – all filled with NPCs or enemies.

Embers of Empire is a total re-imagining of Imperial settlements on the Telvanni peninsula. Residents of Firewatch, the paranoid Imperial capital of Telvannis, hold fast in their loyality to the Emperor, even as the Septim Empire itself teeters on the brink. They have no other choice in this most xenophobic and isolationist part of Morrowind, with the Telvanni waiting for any chance to wipe them off the map. Meanwhile to the south, the Zafirbel Bay Company, a rival of the powerful East Empire Company, has established the town of Helnim in a far more amiable fashion by exploiting the surprising openness to trade shown by the mad Telvanni lord of Tel Gilan. Finally, the lone outpost of Nivalis on the northerly isle of Althoa, one of the few surviving Navy forts of the once-mighty Eastern Shield, struggles to survive Imperial neglect amidst crumbing walls.

The city of Firewatch, the town of Helnim, and the stronghold of Andvaryon. See more in the Embers of Empire gallery.

Embers includes:

  • A complete rebuild and expansion of Firewatch, now truly the second Imperial city in Morrowind.
  • A complete rebuild and re-conceptualization of the Imperial trade town of Helnim.
  • An overhaul of the island of Althoa, including the addition of a Telvanni tower and the Imperial Navy outpost of Nivalis.
  • A rebuild of the western Telvanni wilderness areas, now called the Dagon Urul region.
  • A complete overhaul of all quests in the affected areas and the addition of dozens of new ones, constituting roughly 80 quests in all. These include two questlines each for the Imperial Legion, Imperial Cult, Fighters Guild, and Thieves Guild, as well as ones for the East Empire Company and Mages Guild, and innumerable miscellaneous quests.
  • A total rework of nearly all pre-existing interior locations (more than 120 interior cells) in the affected areas and the addition of dozens of new ones.

In addition, Tamriel Rebuilt release 22.11 also includes many hundreds of bugfixes and consistency improvements to our older content, including major improvements to exteriors, interiors, and assets, as well as several new quests in our older areas.

This release brings the total playable landmass of Tamriel Rebuilt to 2059 exterior cells (in comparison, vanilla Morrowind and all expansions have roughly 1550 cells) and the total quest count to 492 (roughly 495 in vanilla + expansions).

We continue building the rest of mainland Morrowind, for the time focusing on Hlaalu lands in Morrowind’s southwest. If you would like to help us release our next expansion sooner, consider joining our development team – no prior modding experience required! In the meanwhile, please enjoy Dominions of Dust and Embers of Empire! And should you run into any bugs, be sure to report them!