Tamriel Rebuilt Poster

Recently, a member of Tamriel Rebuilt privately comissioned a full-sized movie-style poster for Tamriel Rebuilt from our talented professional concept artist, Feivelyn. The poster is now freely available -- it's simply too beautiful not to share!

To explain what you see, Feivelyn has compiled her vision of many of the leading characters in vanilla Morrowind and designed several new ones to boot, to be implemented in Tamriel Rebult in the future. Starting from the top is the main antagonist, Dagoth Ur. Below him are the three gods of the Tribunal faith with the ghost of Nerevar hanging above them and the Daedra Prince Hircine looking on from the left. The third row constitutes leaders of Morrowind's Great Houses -- from left to right, Redoran, Hlaalu, Indoril, Dres and Telvanni. Below them, from left to right, are King Helseth, Caius Cosades, Sul-Matuul, the Daedra Prince Azura, Nibani Maesa, Divayth Fyr, and Yagrum Bagarn.

You may find the full-resolution version of the poster in our gallery -- feel free to have it printed! And if you do, why not share a photo of it on our Discord or Twitter?