TR19XX - No, we just don't learn

Sometimes it is good to rethink past promises.

Back in 2018, we realized a very important fact:

A lesson has been learned: Tamriel Rebuilt works badly with deadlines. While the March (then Spring) deadline allowed focused development, meeting the deadline itself proved to be unachievable time and again.

This lesson, unfortunately, did not last into 2019 as the question "when will the next release come out" was tenatively answered by an speculative "July or August seems possible" and then things went on their merry way.

Well, here we are again: announced a deadline and it won't work out.

There is good news, however, just as there was in 2018: the next version will be released and it will be released soon, with some cool last-minute stuff.

Almas Thirr, with new stairs, changing the face of cantons forever.

The big holdup is the same as last time: quests and assets.

TR19XX at last counting will add something like 60 to 70 quests to the Mainland, including some surprising and extensive questlines that will amaze attentive players. Some will be added to old locations on the eastern Mainland, giving a bit more content to our older regions. This, unfortunately, took more time than expected and we are currently in the last parts of the implementation phase.

Tamriel_Data meanwhile, as a collaborative project, is primarily under the aegis of Project Tamriel. While it would be nice to think that we can just put our things into Tamriel_Data, leave beta testing to players, and call it a day, there are two other projects' worth of contributions to consider. Additionally, free projects can't get away with getting players to beta test releases, so we need to be extra careful.

Both Province Cyrodiil and Skyrim: Home of the Nords are in the process of adding ample new assets for their own looming releases, and the merging and testing process is unfortunately taking more time than expected. That is not to say that we were sitting idly.

New Roth-Roryn textures.

Stay tuned, it's not going to be long - but, no more public deadlines. Second time is the charm!


No problem with soft deadlines.

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While I appreciate the project's commitment to honesty, I personally don't mind if you guys post tentative estimates, in fact I think it's productive and healthy to do so. Having a "deadline" even a vague one, can be good for productivity, even if it's missed, so I hope you guys don't get too caught up in all this. Those of us outside the project realize this is a fan project, we know even vague, conservative estimates of when a release is ready could be missed, in my opinion, you should all stress out about that aspect less and focus more on the fun of it all. 

No one minds!!!

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I 100% agree with this comment. I appreciate any sort of update regarding this project and have nothing but appreciation for this team.

Point taken, but at the same

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Point taken, but at the same time it feels like we're wearing the dunce cap yet again when last time we promised not to post deadlines anymore and then promptly ended up doing it anyway.

I mean, "when it's done" is an unsatisfying, deflecting cop-out, and we all know it. But when I say "X looks realistic" it's soon a public deadline. I just don't know.