TR's Policy on Editing Vanilla Content

Does Tamriel Rebuilt edit vanilla Morrowind?

Tamriel Rebuilt’s goal is to create the remainder of the Morrowind province in a seamless fashion. That means that sometime down the line, we will eventually have to edit Vvardenfell, as well as Tribunal expansion content.

Does TR edit vanilla content right now?
Meaning: Vvardenfell, Solstheim, Mournhold, or the official plugins

Yes. As of 16.12, we have a few small edits in place. First, we edit a few ocean cells that are technically shared by Vvardenfell. We also have a small edit that allows the player to visit Firewatch to begin Tribunal content instead of Ebonheart. As of version 22.11, we also add new NPCs in several settlements on Vvardenfell that allow players to fast travel to the completed portion of the mainland via Guild Guide and boat. We only add NPCs and do not edit the cells they are in (except for a slight change in Seyda Neen). An optional addon esp, TR_Factions, handles the edits to the original faction properties and dialogue required to better integrate their mainland content: as of 2019, this addon mainly slows down advancement in accordance with the increased amounts of quests, and adds mainland Telvanni councilors to the corresponding Hortator quest.

Why does TR have to edit vanilla content? Why can’t you leave it alone?

The main trouble TR runs into is that Bethesda intended to make the entire province, but ended up shrinking it onto Vvardenfell. This affects mainly the great houses and the main quest. For instance, the Hortator portion of the quest does not include House Dres or House Indoril, even though they are politically important. Also, the houses that do have a presence on Vvardenfell (Hlaalu, Telvanni, Redoran) would then be oddly divided between Vvardenfell and the mainland. We hope to at some point in the future write out a unified quest line for the 3 great houses on Vvardenfell, and fix the Hortator problem.

As we are not at the stage of planning the unified questlines, now is the time to jump in and tell us your suggestions and feedback for what should or should not be edited.

What exactly is TR going to do? Are you going to break all my mods?

TR intends to change only three things about vanilla content on Vvardenfell: 1) the travel network, only as related to the mainland (see above) 2) scattered dialogue that references the mainland, and 3) the great house questlines and main quest (with minimal changes to the endgame content to reference the mainland).

We do not intend at this time to change any interiors or exteriors, move or change any NPCs besides their dialogue, change the landmass/heightmap, etc. We are not trying to give Vvardenfell a makeover, just smooth over the rough transition from Vvardenfell to the mainland.

Again, and we cannot emphasize this enough: the exact changes to the questlines are not set in stone yet. If you are concerned, we would like to hear your input on our forum.

What about Mournhold/Tribunal?

Tribunal created an oddly proportioned and cut-off city. Our solution for this is to recreate the city of Almalexia entirely. We will not be editing Tribunal content; instead, we will cut off access to it and build an entirely new and improved version of it. We will be copying over the NPCs and quests from Tribunal into TR.

Like with the faction quests and hortator problem, we are still working out how this will be implemented. Now is the time to give your feedback and ideas.

I have an opinion! Where can I tell you about it?

Either on the forum, on on the Discord channel. You will likely receive a quicker answer on the latter.