[Worldspace] Gnisis


Gnisis is a medium-sized Redoran town in the northwestern area of Vvardenfell. It offers many of the comforts of home for city-dwellers on their first trip into the wilds. The town is built on a small plane on a hillside, below a large eggmine. There is a Tribunal Temple, home of the Ash Mask of Vivec, and one of the stops on the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces. Oddly enough, there is a tiny Imperial fort as well, the northernmost in all of Vvardenfell. Hetman Abelmawia is the village steward for Hlaren Ramoran, Redoran councilor and lord of Gnisis.

Points of interest

The Temple offers a small selection of services. Along the temple wall are a few merchants―a smith and a clothier. Shrines of St. Llothis and St. Rilm are found here. The real attraction is the Shrine of the Mask (a.k.a. Shrine of Justice), wherein is stored Vivec's Ashmask, accessed via a hidden panel (which opens if you bring the right offering) in the shrine. Touching the real mask performs on you a combined Cure Blight and Common Disease.

Arvs-Drelen is one of the few Velothi towers to be near an inhabited area. It is currently, and has been for some time, the home of the Telvanni mage, Baladas Demnevanni - who is currently engaged in Dwemer research, and steering well clear of the cut-throat Telvanni politics (and also refusing to pay any taxes to the Imperials, on the grounds that he was there first). While he doesn't take kindly to strangers, he prefers to avoid violence and can become a valuable ally if treated the right way - especially if given the chance to show off his expertise in his subject. Nevertheless, if attacked, he is fully capable of defending himself, with the assistance of two unusual tame pets - a daedroth and a Dwemer centurion.

Important NPCs

  • Baladas Demnevanni: A Telvanni mage, he is located at the top of his tower, Arvs-Drelen.
  • General Darius: The general of the fort, and the only person that can let you join the Imperial Legion. Can be found in the Madach Tradehouse.
  • Hetman Abelmawia: The village steward for Hlaren Ramoran, Redoran councilor and lord of Gnisis.

Imperial Legion

With Fort Darius being little more than a wall built into a steep hillside, most of the actual fort function takes place in the town tavern. The Deathshead Legion garrisoned here is made up completely of Orc Legionnaires. The fort itself is tiny with some bunk beds and trainers. Darius is the general of the fort, joining the Imperial Legion can only be done through him, and he will provide an Imperial Chain Cuirass upon recruitment. His quests deal with local issues, such as getting a land deed, curing the Kwama queen, and rescuing a pilgrim and a taxman. The questline ends with a Talos Cult conspiracy being uncovered by the player.