Main Release

Tamriel Rebuilt Version 21.01

Here you can download all our work that has been publicly released so far. This is our Main Release. The current release is 21.01 released on January 31, 2021, and includes all previous releases also including the alpha release of unfinished land. If you still have any older versions of TR, this should replace them. These are the latest public builds. You can also check our release files tracker for the very latest internal builds (you must download TR_Mainland, TR_RestExterior, and the section files separately if you opt to do this). We recommend you wait until the public release for stable builds.

Important! Tamriel Rebuilt requires Tamriel_Data v08 or later! You also need to register your BSAs!

Pick whatever link you like; the files are identical. See the included Readme and Changelog files for more details.

All that is needed to play Tamriel Rebuilt is the file downloaded from one of the above links, a working copy of Morrowind and its expansions Tribunal and Bloodmoon, and Tamriel_Data, version 07 or higher.
(The Morrowind Code Patch is highly recommended, and OpenMW is supported. Check out our recommend mods page for more information.)

We also have a music addon pack, which is available here.
The new Original Tamriel Rebuilt Soundtrack is now available and ready for the public to enjoy. Try it out for yourselves and tell us what you think. It requires the latest MUSE 2 version, keep it in mind.
Tamriel Rebuilt Original Soundtrack

Note that some of the packages are in the .7z format. This is an open source archive format readable by file-packaging programs such as 7-zip, Winzip or Winrar. We use .7z for its interoperability and its high level of compression.