Oblivion Content (Old)


Though it did for some time in the past, Tamriel Rebuilt is no longer modding for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Below are some of the results of that period.

The Hammerfell Artbook was compiled from the plethora of concept art made for the Hammerfell mod project.

  • Download the Hammerfell Artbook: Link

Initially released in 2006 and finalized in 2009, the Stirk mod adds an island off the western coast of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with a number of quests. This is no longer being supported or updated.

  • Download Stirk: Main Mirror | Compatibility Patch | ModDB | Nexus
  • SHA256: a5ea2d76b07e18e32b8a7e1d1bed91a75281ecd589dcc088136dcb2efd3a8751
  • SHA-1: 495ae27fc3a99fdc7bf8e13019dc549115b13069
  • MD5: 0e1bf5844c8e2dc7b960bd41ce6570b9

In late 2009, the Hammerfell mod by Tamriel Rebuilt was discontinued due to lack of assets. The completed work was transferred under the independent leadership of Lady Nerevar, who continued the mod and in 2010 released an alpha including the Goldmoor region and the cities of Rihad and Taneth, called Hammerfell – The Eastern Grasslands. This, too, is no longer being supported or updated.

  • Download Hammerfell – The Eastern Grasslands: Nexus

For many years, DaggerfallTeam has been working to continue the Hammerfell project. This work is currently being hosted on their Discord server.