Oblivion Content (Old)


Though it did for some time in the past, Tamriel Rebuilt is no longer modding for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Below are some of the results of that period.

The Hammerfell Artbook was compiled from the plethora of concept art made for the Hammerfell mod project.

  • Download the Hammerfell Artbook: Link

Initially released in 2006, the Stirk mod adds an island off the western coast of the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with a number of quests. This is no longer being supported or updated.

  • Download Stirk: Main Mirror | Compatibility Patch | ModDB | Nexus
  • SHA256: a5ea2d76b07e18e32b8a7e1d1bed91a75281ecd589dcc088136dcb2efd3a8751
  • SHA-1: 495ae27fc3a99fdc7bf8e13019dc549115b13069
  • MD5: 0e1bf5844c8e2dc7b960bd41ce6570b9