1809 bugfix release draft

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2016-01-19 19:35
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We are happy to announce the 18.09 release! This comes neatly on the anniversary of Tamriel_Data, which contains the shared assets of TR, SHotN, and P:C. <Actually spell these out>

The 18.09 is mainly a release of bug fixes. Included are <examples of bugs fixed> as well as a facelift to a particular Morag Tong hideout that threatened all of Tamriel Rebuilt with its existence (okay, not really).

<pretty picture or two>

Our next planned release focuses on adding more quests to specific areas in Telvannis as well as starting work on the Thirr River Valley. The Thirr is projected to contain quests for Hlaalu, the Temple, and various shenanigan-happy NPCs in need of a player to save them from, well, their shenanigans.

To install TR...<instructions>

To contribute to TR...<links>


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2017-09-25 17:29
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Some pretty pictures, can take more if you want.

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2014-01-02 23:57
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