2017-03-05 Meeting Summary

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2015-09-28 20:13
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Dealing with conflicts with modders working on TR

  • To avoid conflicts with TR mods, developers should check a list of mods affecting TR and check with any modders whose work may be affected.
  • Perhaps stress our Discord presence a bit more in our external content, as people may find it to have a lower barrier of entry than our forums and will be more ready to bring an issue to our attention.
  • TR should provide the detailed correct step by step procedure to use mash updaters in the readme or have an article.
  • Externalize more controversial decisions(?) somehow. Perhaps start by polling people about TR_Travels.

Instruction Booklet

It would be nice to have the booklet finished around June, it should definitely be ready for 1709. As a surprise June “release”, it would be nice too. The original plan for March is not feasible anymore. Looking at comparable RPG manuals might be handy, to use as inspiration.

Suggested Parts

Random Notes

A new batch of 10 Roth-roryn interiors should be put together in case the current batch runs out before the next region discussion is done. Not a great hurry at the moment, but worth keeping in mind.

Foul Murder

The summary will be updated in the asset: http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/foul-murder-plotline
The discussion was mostly about how to progress through the early ringlet quest to the Peakstar summoning and the Daedra afterwards.