2017-03-26 Meeting Summary

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Indoril Assets

  • Working with the current Indoril architecture assets is quite limited.
  • We need to do a stocktaking/assessment to look at which assets we need, or expand upon the Mournhold and eventually the Old Mournhold set.
  • Indoril clothing could use more attention, for example robes and perhaps armor.
  • sketches of Indoril chapel spaces; a balcony, a bedroom, whatever. Try to get an idea of how the Indoril would look 'in their natural habitat'. The core Indoril Orethan regions would have a subtropical look, and the Indoril chapels would be very sumptuously decorated.

Thirr Valley

In general, Thirr Valley needs more assets: more ground textures, Rats’ rock retextures, some fauna, some flora.

Several cities in or near the Thirr Valley were discussed/resummarized:

  • Saint Seryn is that it is basically one large harbour, with little else; very industrial and busy, with the more quiet corners -- if there are any -- seeming almost deserted.
  • Ud Hleryn marches up a cliff and has a large, iconic bridge spanning the Othreleth river to a tower on the other side.
  • Hlan Oek is a swindler town, wretched hive of scum and villainy. The town itself would have little terrain elevation, but the height of the buildings would vary quite a bit, with the standard Hlaalu towers peering down on the roofs below. Outlanders would be exploited, but targeting pilgrims would be considered unsavory, even here.
  • Othmura would be located on a bluff overlooking the Thirr, the street descending on the south side to the docks. Its buildings would generally be one storey tall.


House Redoran

Kartur interiors exist on the old forums, but still need to be merged. An overview of Kartur and Bodrem might also facilitate further discussion of them.



Since the weekly meetings have gained more audience than in previous years, we decided to switch our strict 18:00 GMT meeting to 17:00 GMT / 18:00 BST until normal time resumes in autumn.