2017-05-21 Meeting Summary

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2017-05-21 Proposed Agenda

  • TR_Mainland status - define "up in the air" and resolutions
  • Additional factions for Tamriel_Data
  • Faction Merge, what scope and how soon?
  • Navy, new faction pro and con
  • Cross-province EEC or individual factions (keeping Bloodmoon in mind)
  • Nav Andaram, concept needed
  • Foul Murder
  • Region template meetings for Ascadian Bluffs
  • Handbook needs butter by the fish
  • External updates: Wiki, Nexus (Tamriel_Data needs images)
  • Roles/Responsibilities (you know what this is about, leads)

TR_Mainland status

TR_Mainland’s status will continue to be ‘up in the air’ until after the September release, which will hopefully include OE in Mainland.

Gnomey has started assembling a problem analysis and proposals for maximum/minimum effort fixes, which can start to get discussed after the 1709 release, with decisions on actual implementation made during the same discussions at the earliest.


Vales of Mephala/Valley of Mephala

Gnomey’s take:

I'm not convinced the Valley of Mephala needs to be a unique region.

I'd take it more the route of, say, Lake Kummu or something; a sort of landmark or geographical zone rather than a region.

I'd rather have the whole region by more mystical and Daedric.

And for all I care foggy.

And so adjust dialogue accordingly.



Both factions are approved, PT will create a Western Navy to go along with TR’s Eastern Navy.

The rather lengthy rank name discussion will be handled in the forum topic.


Foul Murder

Mephala and Boethiah will each provide directions to one ringlet if you gain their favour.

Mechanically, gaining their favour requires gathering two ‘points’ of favour. Depending on how the player resolves the Imperial Cult segment of the questline, he can get two points for either Mephala, Boethiah, both or neither. The player should be given enough information to consciously make the decision whether to gather the points or to reject them.


If the player rejects them, it is still possible to gain the points through other means.

For Mephala, the player can gain one point each for: resolving the Ordinator decision the ‘right’ way, joining the Morag Tong, completing her artifact quest.

For Boethiah, the player can gain one point each for: resolving the Ordinator decision the ‘right’ way, killing Vivec, completing his artifact quest.


Oracle backdoor: If the player fails to gain two points by any means, (or just can’t be bothered), there is an alternate if tedious route. By making a ‘wrong’ decision with the IC, the player will gain the favour of one of the IC figures, who will direct the player to an Oracle. To receive a vision in a (somewhat) timely fashion, the Oracle will need particular ingredients from Cyrodiil. The player needs to hunt down those ingredients (a merchant in an Imperial port will have them), return them to the Oracle, and then wait a few days and come back. The Oracle will then provide the usual cryptic directions that can be interpreted through scouts and savants.


Further notes were added directly to the asset page.