2017-07-23 Meeting Summary

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Proposed Agenda

  • Foul Murder
  • Questlines
  • More channels on Discord
  • Tamriel_Data roundup

Meeting Summary

Foul Murder

We have discussion about the drugs used in the Oracle part of the questline: http://project-tamriel.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=988

Peakstar being reached without good reason: had been cleared up beforehand.

Verendes’ position: Edits have been included in http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/summoning-alandro-sul-scene


The Mural: There is a fundamental disagreement over the nature of the mural and why it is in Necrom.

While pretty much everyone had agreed on the “fixed point due to the Red Moment similar due the Dunmer skin, will return if destroyed, was contained within Necrom and the key to the room thrown away as that finally worked” previously, dissent has arisen.

The argument is that Necrom is too populated with pilgrims and the mural would have been safer in the Clockwork City or similar places, as the Tribunal has unlimited time, they should not have kept it in Necrom. As a conjecture, it is suggested that the mural should have no backstory at all, or that the backstory should be chosen, like how the player chooses Nerevar’s death.

The mural's purpose in the storyline also came up, with the question of why it is not the bonewalker that gives Nerevar's memories of the Red Moment to the Nerevarine instead. This was clarified as it is the mural that gives the Nerevarine their vision of the past wholly. The bonewalker, instead, is like a keepsake or trophy to showcase how the Tribunal view their past friend in the present time. It turns to dust as the Nerevarine realizes their full selves, when the Nerevarine now remembers what led up to Nerevar's murder (along with fulfilling the prophecies).

All these points should be made clear through the quest’s implementation, or else it may come off like a deux machina to the player.

Imperial Legion Questlines

The plan is to move Cepharod Keep south to the Dres border in the Mudflats, rename it Fort Lutemoth, and add a modified version of Kevaar’s Watch-of-Wind quest there, as this questline deals with themes more suitable to the Dres (family, clash of old traditions vs. new, etc)

Quest outline: http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/watch-wind-plotline

Formerly, Cephorad Keep may have been a more major location, especially around the reign of Uriel V. Its exterior could have ruined buildings and a large, destitute, crumbling harbour.



The old Windmoth questline needs to be lifted from the old forums, and either polished or turned into a claim so it can be implemented into the TR_Mainland Quest pack.

A questline for Umbermoth, centered around the player replacing the commander and cleaning up the fort’s corruption, is planned and needs to be written. This plot may also hint about the ruins of Drakehold and how they came to be.

Drakehold will be left alone, as it is to be used in the Foul Murder questline, and the spookiness of the place lends well to that plot.

As in the above map, there will also be another ruin added to the eastern seaboard southwest of Gorne, which will be called Cephorad Keep. It was a naval base for Uriel V’s invasion, built next to the forests of Lan Orethan for easy supply of lumber, which fell into disrepair after the invasion of Akavir failed. It was designed more for offence than defence, so was likely not considered worth keeping in the long-term. It may still have an active lighthouse, but is otherwise in ruins.

Tamriel_Data Roundup

Entries for Tamriel_Data were rounded up.

  • Kaziem will be tweaking textures for Dres tents, cantons, and the Shroom Table.
  • Atrayonis will look at the corkbulb book to edit it for completion.
  • The updated Skyrenders will be merged, and we are pending a solution for the ones that are mounted. We will ask abot about his guar riding script so we can possibly use this instead of making a new model.

Discord Channels

Discord channels have been added for exterior and interior discussion. Roles for Interior Devs, Exterior Devs, and Quest Devs have also been added, to help ping the appropriate people with announcements and the like. Please message Kevaar to receive your roles.