2017-07-30/2017-08-06 Meeting Summary

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Proposed Agenda

  • Kemel Ze - Reason for the lich
  • TR Status Update - Feedback Discussion
  • Tamriel Data Addon wrap-up


Meeting Summary

Dwemer Lich

The current implementation does not work, for such an outlier as a Dwemer Lich, a sound concept needs to be provided and it needs to be readable for the player. Furthermore, it dilutes the themes of the Dwemer if it is not well explained.

One idea was to make it a dwemer who gave himself enhancements by the way of Dwemer centurion parts, but died. The robotic parts would still work and keep him active with the remaining organic parts decayed to the point of just a skeleton remaining. If remnants of the Dwemer soul (ghost) stayed behind, this potential character could be used for TR’s version of Radac from Tribunal.

As the model itself is pretty bad, there is no reason to make this concept work. If a modeller could be convinced to create a good Dwemer Lich model, there might be a case to include it. But until then, the idea of a Dwemer Lich should not be pursued.


The plan is that all additions are ready by early Wednesday EU time, and then testing will be done until the weekend. This has been delayed for half a week.

Last-minute additions:

  • Velk brew market jug should be ready tomorrow if all goes well (it was!)
  • Dres tents will be added as generic Dunmer tents, should be ready tomorrow if all goes well (it was!)
  • Aanthirin trees are unlikely to be ready in time (they were!).
  • Deprecated books should be gone by next Tamriel_Data update.
  • Kaziem's working on the Dres textures.

Feedback to the TR Status Update

This was discussed two weeks in perpetuity, on both the 30th July and the 6th October.

Factions: will be implemented as discussed in the status update. NPCs, dialogue, items, etc. will be moved from the Mainland factions to the Vvardenfell ones.
Questlines at a low-to-mid level are all handled locally around the guild hubs, so no adjustment needs to happen here. TR will just add a couple more hubs and a couple more questlines.
The faction rank requirement changes, dialogue and quest edits to implement our endgame questlines will be contained in an additional plugin, tentatively called TR_Factions (TR_Integration should it contain travel changes or other content as well).

Travel Lines: Alternate plans to duplicate NPCs and disable their vanilla ones were discussed and dismissed.
In opposition to the status update plans, it was deemed better and more compatible to keep travel line integration (via NPC edits) confined to a TR_Travels ESP.
TR_Mainland will be revised in that the Bal Oyra Silt Strider and Tel Ouada shipmaster will be deleted along with their travel lines. For people who still want to use them, an additional plugin (TR_TravelsReverted) will be made available.