2018-01-21 Meeting Summary

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Proposed Agenda

  • Old Ebonheart, open issues
  • Indoril-Thirr, open issues
  • Local greetings, the little custom topics (bug)
  • Master Trainers & Soul Trap (forum topic)
  • A future revision to the meeting structure: We will hold an open discussion once per month (if it doesn't get cancelled), and directed meetings on all other Sundays (that don't get cancelled). The free meeting should be held at the end of each month, starting January.
  • Do we want to hold an open meeting on 2018-01-28, this close to a planned release date? If so, should we promote it? Is there anything we want to discuss in a more open-ended manner?
  • There's an ongoing art contest, deadline's coming soon. Do we want to promote it before it ends? There aren't many entries yet

Meeting Notes

Old Ebonheart & Indoril-Thirr

Work will be easier after the new Tamriel_Data is released. Some patching will need to be done in Roryn-Bluff and InDev, as some to-be-deleted/deprecated assets are still in use.

Rats is currently holding the OE file, assuming there will be a lot of fixes/additions.

The Old Ebonheart fields: Landscape only or no fields to be tested. If existing refs can be removed (active smokestacks?), planting a few plants can be tested.

Questing & Dialogue is generally in progress.

For Northern Aanthirin, Rot changed some internal textures around, and unintended changes need to be checked out. The Dondril palisade can be replaced with new meshes, and a general check if the landscape check out for Northern Aanthirin is still necessary.

Plus the buglist on the section file.

A note on Master Trainers

Mort added a master trainer (alchemy), locked behind two quests (one fighter’s guild, the other misc).

In general, TR’s position is that we can and will add master trainers to the mainland, but very sparingly. At a future date or in the forums, planning out master trainer placement for the mainland should be done.
Additional notes about trainers can be found here.

https://tamrielrebuilt.org/comment/9296#comment-9296 Notes about trainers

Spells (Soul Trap)

A forum topic containing information about missing/underused spells is on the forum. Discussion should continue there.
Additional notes about Soul Trap and other issues can be found here.

Little topics

With the little topics ("Local economy", etc.), the main problem is keeping track of if and how we use them from this release onward, then checking and editing backwards. The first step is checking support in the current OE and NA files and plan accordingly.

TR_Mainland (the big offender) should, at a later date, be edited to reflect the usage policy.

Open Meetings

The suggested date for open meetings was the last week of a month. With the release imminent, and Tamriel_Data update even more imminent, we will not have one in January.

Art contest

Suggestions for more visibility were made: reactivating the social media accounts, advertising on other Discord servers, putting in the mention in our Tamriel_Data announcement.

As next week is an open meeting, this can be advertised there as well.