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Old Ebonheart, Recap

  • Rats has dropped a file and done the following edits (some which need to be followed up on):
  • Ebon Tower interiors have pathgrids and all but the most generic ones (guard towers) have NPCs (except for the Census and Excise interior)
  • Revamped the vault interiors in the Curia and the Palace a bit (more valuables)
  • There are also generic dialogue entries for "latest rumors", "specific place", "someone in particular"
  • Added protection to the vaults; in the Curia vault, for example, the guards will forcegreet the player if they spot the player wandering where they shouldn't be
  • Added some unique dialogue for a number of NPCs
  • There are also a number of quest hooks planted and, in fact, one relatively simple misc quest that's finished
  • The dialogue in the Ebon Tower is still a bit WIP, but nothing is woefully broken. just a bit broken.
  • Sewers were a little expanded
  • Talos statue is placed more solidly on his perch
  • lighthouse beacon added to Ebon Tower
  • Some bugs were fixed
  • Work on the Talos tower and its inactive Weir Gate continue, the assets might just squeak into Tamriel_Data v5

Quest hooks:

  • FINISHED: "There was a break-in in the treasure chamber of the Ebon Tower palace. Nothing of value was lost, but the burglars damaged some valuable items. I wonder how Lloras Nelvel is doing. As the Master of the King's Treasures, the treasure chamber is his responsibility." -> this leads to a quest that's completed. the player is needed to disarm a malfunctioning Dwemer apparatus in the treasure chamber
  • "The Stendarr's Tower gives a lot of people the chills. They say it's haunted by something terrible. Something unkillable. Someone who knows how to exorcise ghosts should probably investigate it." -> the ghost is there, and can be permanently killed if it's killed when it's soultrapped. there's a guard NPC at the tower entrance who briefs the player about the situation in the tower, but atm there's no Journal entries or anything
  • "Everyone's waiting for his lordship Caros Cocceius to announce the Ebon Tower melee tournament officially. All the ambassadors in the province embassies are no doubt waiting eagerly to send the invitations to their masters in their home provinces. There's gold and glory to be won in a tournament!" -> obviously a medieval castle needs a tourney
  • "You know of Phyrios Mattimus, the exiled Duke of Deshaan? There's a rumor going on that he's having a love affair with a Dunmer commoner. And not just any commoner--a convicted thief who's being held in the Legion dungeons!" -> there's a Dunmer woman in the dungeon whom the Duke supposedly fancies, could be a social quest there. The thief stole something from the Duke’s chambers; the Duke caught her red-handed and fell in love at the same time. The thief’s in the dungeon cell, showered with fancy gifts. She isn’t into him.
  • "It's been a while since the last high-profile court case at the Hall of Justice. Though I hear that the old General Casik is still trying to get the Minister of Justice to listen to his pleas of innocence. I'm surprised he hasn't just given up--he's been jailed for three decades after all." -> a nod to Arena's "King Casik"; Casik is kept in the Legion dungeon, suspected for treason. he claims that the crimes were committed by a Daedric doppelganger. A good place to explore the Imperial concept of justice: guilty until proven innocent. The player would have to help Casik build his case and then defend him at court--or alternatively, if the player thinks Casik’s not innocent, see that he’s sentenced to death.
  • "I don't mean to spread upsetting rumors, but... there are whispers of bodies that have gone missing in the Arkay Tower's mortuary. Families that have come to collect their deceased relatives have found nothing but empty coffins. Either the priests there are doing sloppy work or something ghoulish is afoot." -> the court physician's assistant is snatching bodies for medical study with help from one of the priests. The newest victim of the graverobbers is a young Imperial man whose father doesn’t yet know that his son’s body is missing.
  • "You know the Ministers of Great House Affairs in the Curia building? Well, each of the Dark Elven Houses has been asked by the Imperial government to send an official envoy to work with the Minister for their respective House. From what I hear it hasn't gone quite as planned. The Telvanni and the Dres, for example, don't seem to care much about diplomacy." -> the Telvanni have sent a Storm Atronach as their official representative; the Minister doesn't understand what it's saying. If angered the Storm Atronach could be trouble.
  • "Court Wizard Tarhiel hasn't been seen for some time and people are starting to get worried. Anyone who knows anything about his whereabouts should report directly to his lordship Caros Cocceius." -> after Tarhiel's death, a new Court Wizard needs to be appointed. the player can help to make the decision between Tarhiel's two apprentices; the arrogant but gifted Altmer and the hardworking but talentless Imperial. The player could test the two apprentices: make them enchant stuff, summon Daedra and/or even have a wizard duel.

Northern Aanthirin, Recap

  • Palisades in Dondril, Felms Ithul remade with new meshes
  • Vhul and Dondril dialogue merged
  • An NPC was cut alongside the Under Nest Inn, added him back to the Nest (now in the exterior). He has unique dialogue and a publican script, but owns no interiors. Something will need to be done here.
  • Dondril needs the new well mesh placed into its exteriors and the roads might need to be cleaned up a bit for that.

Old Ebonheart Bank

We agreed on the proposal to have a bank in Old Ebonheart, following discussions and decisions in Province:Cyrodiil on implementing banks and the lore surrounding them (they are owned by Nibenese merchant families, and one branch of a merchant family is in OE).

The bank script is supplied by Texafornian and is fairly simple and easy to implement with a local variable or a class when compared to his banking mod, Wealth Within Measure.

Should that not be possible for the March release, the banker should simply claim that the bank only deals with wealthy clientele and not adventurers and commoners.

The suggested location for the bank is here:

It would have no sewer access but a vault.

Open Meeting - Suggested Topics

Suggestions should go into the Meeting Agenda thread.