2018-02-25 Meeting Summary

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2015-09-28 20:13
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The Treaty of the Armistice

The first topic was the treaty of the Armistice. It currently consists of a publically displayed scroll (actually a trap), which is worth 100,000 Septims and bursts in flames when picked up by the player. The actual treaty is written in blood on a piece of Tiber Septim’s cloak, which is worth 500,000.

The treaty of the armistice being written on a bit of Tiber Septim’s cloak at first didn’t make sense as it was a backroom deal and not deliberated on a battlefield. However, if any explanation need ever be given, it can be alluded to be a treaty not only by law but also by magic, as Vivec might not have felt confident about handing over Anumidium without both their blood mixing and making the binding real.

The cost and the “insta-burn” of the “fake” (actually edited, some obscure and cosmo-heretical parts were left out) scroll was bit more deliberated. In summary, reducing the cost of the fake scroll to 50,000 was deemed agreeable. Instead of burning up in the hands of the player, it should instead add a “mark of the thief” flame effect. Imperial guards would have a unique reply depending on the effect, taking the player into custody for the maximum amount of time and removing the scroll back to its resting place.

The daggers to unlock the True Armistice should be moved elsewhere

  • They’re too close to the vault itself and the puzzle is a bit too easy.
  • Could add the daggers to the imperial vault
  • The daggers should be kept separate, but still in OE, and well secured.

The best suggestion was to split the daggers up between the Treasure Chamber (the chitin dagger) and the Emperor’s Quarters (the imperial dagger).
Due to the political implications and lack of anything to do with it, the real armistice should be prevented from being picked up (due to active divine protection or similar). Instead, a permanent buff will be given due to divine insights; pending a need for endgame questlines, this can be revisited.