2018-03-18 Meeting Summary

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2015-09-28 20:13
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What does “housekeeping” actually refer to?

  • Checking and harmonizing the “little topics”,
  • faction assignment and checks for the new factions (like the IAS),
  • section file reassignment, cutting of Andothren

Status Reports

If you are reading this in April and nothing is finished, merge all quest claims into an alpha. You are only hope, good luck!

The current plan is to merge OE and NA into one section file next Wednesday or Thursday (depending on streaming software), then merge quest files against it both as a test and for testing.

By Sunday, the last two obstacles to full merge should be done (Felms Ithul dialogue and the Briricca interior), at which point quest claims can be merged into the new section file (and then into mainland).

Until then, a lot of discussions were had about specific quest claims and how to deal with them.
Of particular note is one Mages Guild quest, with an open-ended “amulet” topic that might need revising, as it would have far too much impact, on par with the Solstheim or Almalexia topics.