2018-03-28 Meeting Summary

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2015-09-28 20:13
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Development Recap

The Old Ebonheart and Northern Aanthirin section files switched to a “released” state and the Spring Release has taken their place. Work can continue on it, and merging should begin soon.

Sixth House on the mainland

Reiterating from older meetings: the Sixth House will not have very much activity on the mainland. Their influence is subtle (via smuggled Ash Statues) and encroaching, but it is not blatantly there as it is on Vvardenfell.

Ebon Tower Dialoge: Palace and Curia

Links to old discussions:

Jani is going to compile a list of relevant NPCs and maybe The Mover and Shakers of Morrowind will see some updates.

Finally, existing NPC claims for Old Ebonheart can be divided into subclaims (either officially or unofficially) to allow for easier working.