2018-04-15 Meeting Summary

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2015-09-28 20:13
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As the exterior workflow is already being done, it should be codified. Preferably in the handbook.

Curia NPCs

  • Generally, the synopsis discussed here: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/comment/9947#comment-9947 is to be the new norm.
  • Glaucia Rumariil, the Hlaalu contact, should be more involved with Helseth’s royal faction, perhaps unaware that Helseth and Hlaalu are trying to exploit each other, and not part of the same faction.
  • Ji'Risdirr, the “ambassador for the Khajiit people” in the office of Rald Hearth-Friend, Hlaalu ministerial aide, is in fact one of the Elsweyr mission employees and either lobbying for Khajiit freedom, or talking to his contact in the Twin Lamps (Rald).
  • A quest for the Fighter’s Guild after the Thirr has been more developed: the Khajiit mission is smuggling weapons to the east of the Thirr to arm slaves and provoke an uprising. It turns out that this is in fact a Hlaalu false-flag operation of some sort.

Exterior work

Fürst Thal is doing some more smoothing out the seabeds of TR_Mainland.

Ruinous Keep: at its current location, it should be replaced with a half-submerged (?) OM ruin.
New planned loction is south-west of the Peninsula of Veloth on a new island:

The future exterior claim (with seabed smoothing as well):