2018-05-06 Meeting Summary

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Proposed Agenda

Meeting Summary

Talos Tower

The Talos Tower needs NPCs, with Imperial Battlemages the occupants of choice.
https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44096 was suggested as a resource, but as these robes are rigged to the Better Body mesh, they cannot be used as-is.

Until P:C has developed an armor set for the Battlemages, we thought about using this:

But discussion turned out that a blue robe would be better as it would look more like the final P:C robe/armor combination. As this will ultimately be the decision of P:C, the placeholder will be acceptable for now.

Spring Release

  • High Rock embassy - temp file is already up, going to finish this first
  • EEC - will have 3 quests done this week
  • Fighters Guild - played through 3 times by different people, could probably be merged in soonest out of any questline once i make 1-2 tiny adjustments
  • A misc quest I'm working on - more interesting than EEC, probably finished around the same time"

- mort’s quest ETA  


Atrayonis will add a few new models and an Imperial Battlemage NPC to Tamriel_Data, but after that new contributions should be left for the next update.  


Rot’s mainland fixes will be merged, but additionally the Colovian bread needs to be replaced:


The translation.txt needs to be checked and updated accordingly.