2018-08-26 Meeting Summary

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Meeting Summary

What assets that we currently have should get used?


  • Temple Dome (Container) - T_Mw_Flora_TempleDom01(-02)
  • Weeping Veil (Container) - T_Mw_FloraTV_Weepveil01(-04)
  • Giant Elowan (Static) - T_Mw_Flora_ThornElowan
  • Orange Lilypad (Static) - T_Mw_FloraAT_LilypadOrange_01(-03), T_Mw_FloraAT_LilypadOrangeFl_01
  • Ovary Tree (Static) - T_Mw_FloraOW_OvaryTree_01, T_Mw_FloraOW_OvarySprout_01
  • Mangrove Mushroom (Static, DIY) - T_Mw_FloraTV_ManShroom_01(-07), T_Mw_FloraTV_ManShroomBranch_01(-5), T_Mw_FloraTV_ManShroomStump_01
  • Shroom Tables [Orange] (Static) - T_Mw_Flora_ShroomTableO_01(-06)
  • Shroom Tables [Red] (Static) - T_Mw_Flora_ShroomTableR_01(-06)
  • Bulb Tree [Brown] (Static) - T_Mw_FloraAT_TreeB_01(-06)
  • Mainly small ones used sparingly, phased out the further south the cells are.
  • Orange Moss (Container) - T_Mw_FloraAT_OranMoss01(-03)
  • Pyrous Uracia (Container) - T_Mw_FloraAT_Uracia_01(-02)
  • Spartium Bealei (Static) - T_Mw_FloraAT_SpartiumBealei_01(-03)
  • Tall OW Mushroom (Static) - T_Mw_FloraOW_TallMush_01(-06)
  • Only in scattered groups, should be rare.
  • Tanna Plant (Container) - T_Mw_FloraSS_Tanna01a(-03)
  • New Grass Meshes [Orange] (Static) - Unfinished

Potential additions in the asset browser, if they are done in time:


  • Butterflies (with new textures)
  • Guar
  • Kwama
  • Netch (wild and farm)
  • Rat
  • Swamp Trolls? (sparingly in shoreline grottos)
  • Yeth Grub

Potential additions in the asset browser, if they are done in time:


What existing assets need to be modified?

The landscape/rocks need new textures, which is currently in progress.

A different take on the mangrove mushroom caps is being prepared.

The rock IDs need to be figured out.

Instead of having a homogeneous block of T_Mw_TerrRockTV_Rock_XX that is hard to parse for exterior developers, we will have:

  • T_Mw_TerrRockTV_RockArc_XX
  • T_Mw_TerrRockTV_RockGrp_XX
  • T_Mw_TerrRockTV_RockSml_XX
  • T_Mw_TerrRockTV_RockMed_XX
  • T_Mw_TerrRockTV_RockLrg_XX

Possibly with more extensions

What CS work needs to be done?

The existing TV cells in Lake Andaram claims 4-6 need to have the rocks changed to TV where logical (MinerMan has volunteered to do this) and some of the new flora can be placed in them.

An example cell needs to be made to put all of the new assets together to figure out what does and does not work in the region

What sort of interiors would this region have (caves, tombs, etc), and in what proportions?

  • One or two Dwemer ruins in the north, but small ones.
    Distribution of Dwemer ruins (full image to be created separately):
  • Two additional Chimer strongholds, one in the west and one in the east (south-west of the Hlaalu ferry).  
  • Up to four additional Daedric ruins: 1-2 in the exteriors only, 1-2 with a small interior size. The main thing for Daedric ruins is that they should not dominate the landscape or crowd it too much.
  • Two Kwama mines with moderate size; the people in this region are more busy with fishing and (netch) farming than mining.
  • Ancestral tombs: yes, but not very dense.
  • No ore mines.
  • Several grottos and caves, filled with escaped Argonian slaves, bandits, insects, or swamp trolls, but no smugglers.
  • Velothi towers where there is elevation. Not a lot of them in this particular region.