2018-09-02 Meeting Summary

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Meeting Summary

Region Revamp (this will take two or three weeks)

Third and final part of the of the Region Template Meetings for the Thirr Valley if no other pressing matters need to be discussed first.

  • Exterior claim borders
  • Region transitions
  • Quickly go through the claims to brainstorm a rough claim description?
  • How many of each type of interior are needed?
  • Guidelines for the appearances of the interior (tileset, assets to use/avoid)?
  • Brainstorm/start a thread on the forums for “blurbs” for the interiors

Meeting Summary


A bugfix release is planned for next few weeks (preferably next week), containing edits to TR_Mainland.esm, resaved TR_Faction and TR_Travels plugins. (make sure dates are correct this time!)

No new quests should be added for this release, which is why it should happen soon, as quests are ready to be merged.

After this, the next release is planned for March 2019 or when the Aanthirin release is ready, whichever happens first or is more convenient.

Bugs that needs to be fixed:

Thirr Valley RegionTemplate

Future Claims Map

Basic Exterior Claim Descriptions:

Othmura Claim:

  • Othmura has a relatively long stretch of the Thirr River with a road running alongside it, which needs to be rerouted at Othrano and the town of Othmura.
  • Othmura would be located on a bluff overlooking the Thirr, the street descending on the south side to the docks. Its buildings would generally be one storey tall.
  • The West Coast should have a few low cliffs, and in general the land should quickly rise to highlands to the west.
  • For large dungeons you could have a Velothi Tower or a Daedric Ruin, but no Chimer Strongholds.
  • Not much in the way of plantations, Netch farms are more likely on the whole, but not a lot of population.

Ald Iuval Claim:

  • This claim is mostly flat and should get one of the Chimer Strongholds, otherwise it can have a few plantations.
  • Perhaps a few ruined Redoran huts; basically take a Redoran hut and bleed broken redwall pieces into it and have it overgrown with vegetation.

Ald Marak Claim:

  • This claim is home to the Redoran stronghold Ald Marak, across from the March Capital.
  • It should have slope that leads to Deshaan cliffs, but should use TV palette.
  • Nearer the coast, it can be flatter with a few small farm plantations.
  • There should be a Daedric Ruin with an interior to the further east, closer to Deshaan border.
  • The claim should be relatively open and untamed, with perhaps a lot of caves with bandits and critters roaming around.

Ud Hleryn Claim:

  • This claim should get one or two larger plantations, a ruined Redoran hut here and there, no other types of ruins; otherwise nice scenery.
  • Also a few fishers huts, small netch farms or other individual houses.
  • This claim is home to Ud Hleryn, which marches up a cliff and has a large, iconic bridge spanning the Othreleth River to a tower on the other side.
  • The region technically includes a cell of Othreleth Woods, but the transition will be pushed to the far edge of the cell and existing OW assets will be used for it.

Sadrathim Claim:

  • Sadrathim is a seedy fishing village with a manor belonging to the minor House Sadras. It should have a small domed shrine to Zenithar.
  • It should be relatively rocky with low cliffs and such, might fit a Velothi tower, should probably have a fair number of ancestral tombs.
  • It can have a Daedric ruin, but without an interior and shouldn’t be too far north.
  • There is not much population or economic activity aside from fishing.

Southmost Claim:

  • This claim should have no settlements, but should get the second Chimer Stronghold.
  • It can also have some sort of Daedric Ruin (Maybe sunken at the shore of the lake?) if there's room for it.
  • It should be rather flat, but also quite arid, so not a lot of farm plantations.
  • Possibly netch farms, guar farms, that kind of thing.

Guidelines for the appearances of the interiors:

Tombs - a mix of old Redoran ones, mostly neglected, with old Hlaalu tombs mostly to the south, but a few newer (small and tidy) Hlaalu tombs further north. The older ones should be derelict or partially looted, with spider webs and cracked/turned over empty urns where looters have passed through and the like. Dead would-be looters and powerful undead should make up the rest of the old tombs. The loot, especially untouched stuff further in, can have nice enchantments and such, but shouldn’t be too high-end (very little glass if any, etc.) and should be damaged.

Grottos - most of them should be relatively small and straightforward, perhaps with a lot of water plants (especially for shoreline grottos) to reflect the swamp-y region. Some can be deeper and more complex

Velothi towers - some might be overgrown with critters or bandits, others might be non-hostile with non-Temple-affiliated scholars ranging from Dissident Priests or other such freethinkers, more or less accepted by the Temple, to Baladas Demnavi-type individuals, one will have a DB cell

Chimer Strongholds - one will be occupied by the Cult of Arius, the other will have a lich hidden deep within, will mostly be abandoned and infested with vermin, with a few slaves hiding in a dome at the top.