2018-09-09 Meeting Summary

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2015-09-28 20:13
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What needs to be done for 1809?

Three top bugs:

No new Preview file, only Mainland fixes.

The other files need updated summaries (Version) and master files.


Overview of the area

The Indoril stronghold of Idaverrano should be located in or near 19,-15. with some few house ruins in other locations. Both the stronghold and the ruins should be half-buried.

The seafloor in the western part needs colouring. Not all cells need much detailing, only those near points of interest.

All cells need to be filled with Inner Sea creatures.

The interior would need to reflect Idaverrano’s status as old regional seat of House Indoril before the inner Sea existed. The entire interior would be flooded and items would float in the water.

Turning Assets into claims

Due to collective effort, several quest development assets were turned into claims.