2018-09-30 Meeting Summary

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2015-09-28 20:13
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  1. What are the current bottlenecks that keeps us from entering Deshaan?
    Mostly terrain assets, architecture sets (especially the clanstead set), Dres clutter an concrete implementation planning, such as with the region template, to figure out what we want for claims, particular settlements and so on.
  2. Do we have enough concept art for the architecture?
    Detailed orthographic concepts, ie. of specific modular tiles for the Dres stronghold set, are lacking. Also other details, such as how the platform walls can be made more visually interesting, especially seen up-close, ie. mosaic patterns or the like.
  3. Does the current concept art satisfy our needs?
    See point 2.
  4. How could we improve/add detail to the future models?
    Adding complexity via texture is possible. As is making the base models more complex, but that might not be desirable at this point. Add-on pieces, in the vein of windows and decals, might be the best way to add visual complexity and interest to the set.
  5. Examining the existing concepts, and finalising them.
    Meriyal’s set is a good basis, and those base models can probably be created sooner rather than later (could still use a few detail concepts, though) for developers to play around with, so that the necessary additional pieces can be figured out. Feivelyn’s concept art gives a good impression of how the set should work and look at the end. It would be good to see some of the pieces shown either drawn orthographically to be modelled or simply modelled directly. Gnomey’s art generally should not be used by itself and is mostly superceded by the others.
  6. Testing the existing Deshaan textures. Can we use them? If not, how could we improve them?
    They can’t be used directly, and should mostly be seen as mock-ups for how the final textures should look and function, but should cover the range of textures needed. We will want 256x256 and 1024x1024 variants for the vanilla and hd texture packs.
  7. Architecture textures, can we salvage the existing ones? How many textures do we need?
    Mostly the same as point 6, though depending on how much detail we want to add via texture we may need even more of those. For now, the focus should be on getting the four basic textures (wall, buttress, trim and floor) sorted to be used in RubberMan’s models.
  8. Existing common tileset, do we throw them away? Can we still use them?
    We can probably better assess this when Rubberman creates the missing buildings that are covered by Meriyal’s concepts. Once we have those, we should be able to toss MWgek’s, SiberianCrab’s, RubberMan’s and Rytelier’s models into one .esp where they can be compared and tried out in combination, so that we can see what we need to consolidate and what we need to add.
  9. Are we happy with Rytelier's organic tileset? Can we improve it?
    The models look good, though vertex shading may be lacking. Still needs a review from someone who knows what they’re talking about. The textures will need more work.
  10. Do we have enough clutter assets? Do we need more?
    We need more, but Feivelyn has been contributing concepts, and might contribute assets, on that front. Among other things, clothing, furniture, awnings and plantation related assets. It might be easier to figure out what is missing when we have the basic architecture set .esp set up.Do we have enough flora/fauna assets? Do we need more?
  11. Do we have enough flora/fauna assets? Do we need more?
    Flora is mostly well covered, though suitable ground cover (ie. tall grass) is still lacking. Fauna is lacking, but not really a bottleneck. As a minimum, the riverstrider (which we have), plainstrider and skyrender (which we have, but a nest defender variant eg. juvenile form is pretty necessary for the hive dungeon type) are needed for gameplay and worldbuilding purposes. Terrain assets are a particular weakness; we have some rock assets, no proper salt formation assets, and a smattering of additional assets.
  12. Preparing a needed concept art/asset list.
    Volunteers, please step up!