2018-10-14 Meeting Summary

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Proposed Agenda

Various topics

  • Kemel-Ze
  • Andothren
  • the Andothren MG and also the general MG plans, particularly if someone with a good general idea of afterlife-, dreamsleeve- and soultrap-related lore is around
  • early quests and starting zones (Teyn, Ancylis, Andothren, Almas Thirr, and whatever comes next);
  • the Houses Hlaalu and Redoran and what we know about them and their interaction;
  • the "characters" of towns like Andothren and Kartur;
  • how are daedra actually being worshipped?

Meeting Summary

New mine in Hlaalu-Thirr

Two claims. One has two entrances, one at ground level and one on a ledge. It is half of an abandoned Kwama mine, the entrance, which has fallen to raiding Kwama from another mine. It should be in a very rough state, and still has some hostile Kwama warriors and such. Perhaps also hostile workers (of course to be added in the NPCing stage).
The other would only have one entrance, on the same ledge, and would include the dead queen and some Orc vampires (who killed the queen while moving into the mine).

Obainat Yurt

The interior is already made. A new yurt needs to be placed in the exterior on its own. For the NPC, have her be a sort of hedge-witch that not only Ashlanders but also Velothi and Hlaalu locals go to.

Roryn Bluffs File

Re-adding the healer’s yurt as above, adding an opening over the Orluhk mine and seeing if there’s any way to rationalize the siltstrider route to Arvud (probably a lost cause).

Hlaalu-Thirr File

Gnomey has volunteered to finish the eastern side of the ATRRAA mountains, along with the OM ruins. Creating interior design claims should be part of the process. (after Rats drops the file)

Armun Ashlands File

Nemon has volunteered to finish parts of the ATRRAA mountains in this section: “Take a little of the AA area southeast of Arvud and make it rise upwards as well as doing the same from the south and east. In the north it's just about making it blend into the preexisting elevation changes. Less usage of rock statics where possible and more landscape shaping. Reduce the insane incline from the thirr side since it looks odd.”


Moving design assets into the claims browser. Meeting discussion generally implemented and reflected directly in the relevant claims.
Someone should review and/or merge https://www.tamrielrebuilt.org/asset/sorcerers-apprentices-assorted-fixes.
Kevaar should be present while we discuss https://www.tamrielrebuilt.org/asset/just-clockwork.
Gnomey needs to go over https://www.tamrielrebuilt.org/asset/hlaalu-charity-quests.


The exterior claim has been created.

Lake Andaram Interiors

Were handled post-meeting.

THe 'various topics' were not significantly discussed.