2018-11-11 Meeting Summary

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Eastern Keeps

  1. The Mobua Keep has been renamed by acclamation to Windbreaker Keep.
  2. The Ruinous Keep has been renamed by acclamation to Wavebreaker Keep.

Esroniet Info

An Esroniet mod is currently in development. Some lore info from Melchior Dahrk:
Black Harbor in Esroniet was renovated while the empire occupied it. primarily focused on military interests. Tigermoth Fort was built as well as a big expansion to the docks.
The empire also depleted the island nation's timber industry to build their big transport ships. It is only now recovering 150 years later,


Dillon added namespaces for Skyrim: Home of the Nords, Province: Cyrodiil, and Tamriel Data. Tamriel Data will handle all books, items, etc. that are added by it because they are shared among the other mods.

Currently, all of the Tamriel Rebuilt books added through T_D were moved to the Tamriel Data namespace and he is going through and adding the missing ones and fixing the old ones’ locations, etc.

The plan is to finish the Tamriel Data namespace first because most of it comes directly from the Construction Set.

Other things in that namespace will be items, creatures, spells, diseases. A lot of it needs to be moved from the Tamriel Rebuilt section and all of the S:HotN and P:C stuff needs to be added.

Then it's just a matter of adding all quests, places, and things that are missing.

If anyone wants to start editing the UESP wiki (hint: please do), start with city pages.

Aanthirin Region Page

The page was discussed and found to be good. Some additional discussion was had about the general style of these pages and the fact that writing them seems insurmountable from an outside perspective.