2018-11-25 Meeting Summary

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Great Lich Purge

It has been proposed and agreed that Liches should not appear as levelled enemies. They are unique enough that they should be only placed and named, not appear as generic enemies.

One unique lich will go to the location currently occupied by the Argonian shaman, in "Malarnubi, Liskliss Kur's Sanctuary", who will be moved to the southern end of the Aanthirin release map.

Morag Tong

We went on a tangent about the Morag Tong. Players would be able to continue executing Morag Tong writs throughout the course of the Thirr River Conflict, regardless of the PC’s individual allegiance.

Questers could start writing new writs at any point, but there probably won’t be too much point in releasing them in the Aanthirin release, which will add no new guild halls, so it might be better to wait for the Dominion of Dust release with Andothren before adding them.
While some writs would be straightforward assassinations, others could be more complicated scenarios. The writs would, however, be standalone, rather than having an in-depth and connected backstory.

Indoril Ilvi

Indoril Ilvi is a militant hardliner on the Indoril council, put on edge by Hlaalu attempts to weaken his mandate of rule over the east bank of Aanthirin, and somewhat neglecting administration of his territory as a result. He seeks to be recognized as virtuous, in particular to be remembered as a minor saint as a few notable Indoril, mostly former Grand Ascendants, are.

Roa Dyr Quests

  1. Burden of Proof has been greenlit
  2. The Wit and Wisdom of Indoril Ilvi (Kevaar’s proposal) requires a book asset. It was suggested that the scribe could be a poison-tongued slave in the Vathras plantation whose literary talents Llaalsa Vathras has uncovered and is exploiting. (Not really a bad deal for the slave, all things considered).
  3. Deadly Discipline (Quest design #1) has been refined and greenlit:
    A tollmer in Roa Dyr has recently discovered that one of the dockworkers has been stealing (claimant's choice on what the theft is), and asks you to find out which dock worker is responsible and stop them, before Ilvi catches wind of it (both to keep appearances that everything is fine and because Ilvi is notoriously cruel to thieves). You must either find evidence that the slave at the docks was stealing, or catch them in the act. When the player gets either of those, they must convince the slave to end their thieving ways. Either through high disposition or threats of telling Ilvi of this nearly blasphemous crime.
    Going back to the tollmer, they thank you and give you a reward, possibly moving the slave to their own station to better keep an eye on them in the future.