2019-01-06 Meeting Summary

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Minimum Necessary Quests for Aanthirin Release

Dialogue needs to be written first and foremost.

Bethesda Softwork Archives

Infragris suggested and planned to redistribute various assets through both BSAs, possibly leaving the High Rock and Elsweyr files in the TR_Data.bsa in the future.

We need to think about better standards for texture resolutions in the future, however, as there is often no clear precedence or guidelines, leading to divergent resolutions between the two BSAs (nevermind high res and low res).

The problems with BSAs in general are their registration process (which newcomers often cannot do), and their monolithic nature as primitive version control makes them clunky to use with mod organisers, which rely on loose files and often can’t deal with BSAs at all, requiring manual file moving. Additionally, their internal hash check makes similar file names problematic, leading to hash collisions in-game.

This is offset by not requiring the handling of loose files, both in assembly and installation, as seen in recent cases (such as an OE Let’s Play video or various bug reports to Morrowind Rebirth), even loose files are regularly forgotten.

The prospect of losing or not properly overriding one file out of the 20,000 currently assembled is much more likely than losing one of two BSAs.

All in all, consensus was reached to keep using BSAs as before.