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What are the three most notable events in faction history?

  1. The Reman invasion. Most of the fighting happened in Hlaalu and Redoran territory in the southwest of Morrowind, heavily affecting both houses,
  2. The Tiber War period and the Armistice with Morrowind. Base in part off of its experience with Reman, Hlaalu adopted a strategy of accommodation with the Empire,
  3. The War of the Red Diamond saw divided loyalty between the Hlaalu council members, following Potema’s defeat, a purge was initiated which reoriented the house

What happened to them during and after the Armistice?

This has been answered in previous points and doesn’t need to be repeated.

What happened to them during and after the Simulacrum?

House Hlaalu was not heavily involved in the Arnesian War, but due to its close ties to Imperial administration suffered both from the civil unrest of the period and from dealings with and infiltration by Jagar Tharn.

Hlaalu's involvement in Jagar Tharn's reign and possibly his rise were afterwards largely pinned on Tharn's doppelgangers or ignorance of his nature.

Distrust of the Hlaalu activity may be leading Uriel VII to withdraw the existing legions from Morrowind over time and replace them with fresh ones, which do not have established ties to the locals.

What are the rough outlines for local plots? How do they tie into the global plot?

Vvardenfell aside, as part of their land grab in Redoran territory, the Cormar questline will involve a minor charter company with Hlaalu “mercenary” guards.

On other fronts, the Hlaalu are pushing Ashlanders out of Roth-Roryn and replacing the Velothi out of the Ascadian Bluffs.

There is a conflict between the Oran and Mundrethi plantations, as Llethys Mundrethi is trying to overthrow and replace his current boss, Atran Oran, with no real chance of success.

Narsis should be a city of 1000 plots, some of which might involve a cell of Sethites on a murder sprees, or a charter/mercenary company setting up shop in Stormhold and trying to undermine Hlaalu mercenary guards.

The local plots would both show House Hlaalu on the rise, and portray how the house doesn’t have a one-track mind: petty rivalries and fingers in all sorts of messes are causing conflicts all over the place. The house is currently coming out on top by entrepreneurship and expertise in intrigue, but how long will this streak last?

What conflicts exist that the player cannot resolve?

The player cannot resolve the Thirr River conflict, merely give Hlaalu a foothold in the form of Nav Andaram. Similarly, Hlaalu expansionism will continue, whether the player checks it via local quests or the House Indoril questline or not.

Neither Helseth’s rise to power nor the issue of slavery (which ties into that raise) are going to be resolved or resolvable, in particularly the existence of the Twin Lamps.

Do they have mascots or favorite colours?

Favorite colours: yellow primary, blue secondary.

The prime mascot would be the late Empress Katariah and the sense of nostalgia and good rulership associated with her.

The Dren brothers in Vvardenfell serve as examples for both ends of the spectrum, but only the Duke would be mentioned as a mascot to outsiders. Orvas would be one for the others in the house.

Who was the current ruler's predecessor and what were they like?

The predecessor, Dravil Hlaalo was from one of the traditional ruling houses.

A cautious mediator, he was trying to play it safe and was too afraid that a hammer was going to drop on the Hlaalu in the aftermath of the Simulacrum for most of the Hlaalu members, viewing the fates of Duchess Vermethys of Narsis and “King” Casik as a cautionary tale.

His death by Morag Tong assassins marked the beginning of the current phase of Hlaalu expansionism.

What notable previous rulers or members should the player be told about?

The Narsuae family (one of the possible candidates for Duke of Narsis), the Imperial-tied families of Raathim, and Dren, the rulers of Cheydinhal, and Duchess Vermethys (Vermothath in Arena).

Some of the Tribnal saints are associated with Hlaalu to some degree, and might be mentioned more often.