2019-01-19 Meeting Summary (PT Meeting)

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Skyrim, Home of the Nords Release

Congratulations and good feelings were had all around.

For the Dragonstar release, the bottleneck is, as it usually is, quests.
A quest list is available here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_WKiaeTzPiyQedEsLwpzyXoXl3RXX8xBObLoGIspbQ8/edit?usp=sharing

The Reach mainquest was discussed as the early parts would be developed locally in the DS release area.
This will have to wait until the development of Beorinhal, Markarth, Sundered Hils, and Falkheim is done. As such, the Dragonstar release would contain around 41 quests.

Weapon Sheathing

Weapon sheathes work for both MWSE-Lua and OpenMW (nightlies). Unlike support for Graphic Herbalism, they do not need to change the actual weapon meshes, but optional sheathe meshes need to be supplied for them.

This topic was raised because of several sheathe assets in TR, submitted and made ready for merging when no formal decision had been made:

From the preliminary discussion about this topic, it seemed like a plurality of people thinks allowing sheathe meshes to go in T_D would be fine, but it should not be necessary for a weapon asset to have a corresponding sheathe mesh.

Consensus followed this: sheathes are welcome, but not required. 

Glow in the Dahrk

Unlike Weapon Sheathing, GitD works by the same mechanic of Graphic Herbalism: MWSE-Lua and OpenMW (0.46+, so currently the nightly) read a nodeswitch in any given mesh and react by enabling the subordinate nodes.

For GitD, it reads a “NightDaySwitch” switch, with “OFF”, “ON”, and “INT-DAY” NiNodes underneath. Vanilla users would see the “OFF”-switched Nodes.

A complication is the use of windows in PC: different versions exist for interiors and exteriors, with the interior windows having an illuminated texture at all times and nearby daytime-activated light sources. If GitD is to be used as the new default way of handling window lights, at least the different window models would have to be abandoned.

As feedback from PT asseteers and leads was lacking at the late hour, this topic has been postponed for now, pending a resolution at the next TR meeting.