2019-01-27 Meeting Summary

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June meeting

Tentative date - June 1st/2nd
Every meet-upper for themselves, if hotel room coordination is wanted, contact Atrayonis
Münster has an airport, so direct air travel should be possible.

Ruinous Lake

New content: fish farm with a grotto at the bottom of the lake.
The interior of the grotto would be up for discussion, but can just be pearls and more fishes.

Speaker of the Dead

Quest start - the Akamora “Unnamed Dunmer” quest would act as quest 0 for this questline.

If the player ends up sabotaging the summoning of the unknown Ancestor Ghost in Akamora, they would first have to do a quest 0.5 - delivering urns to Necrom.

The payout of the questline would be non-hostile ancestor ghosts (and greater ancestor ghosts).

We agreed to go with Mort’s revision, plus the added (optional?) Forgotten quest in the middle of it.

The flow of the questline would be:

  • Bloodstone Shrine Pilgrimage (Prerequisite)
  • Akamora quest “Unnamed Dunmer” (Prerequisite)
  • Redemption (if the Unnamed Dunmer quest was sabotaged)
  • May She Rest in Peace (given by the OiM contact in AT, sends the player to Necrom)
  • Speaker for the Dead (gives the player the role and benefit)
  • Forgotten (Necrom, possible optional? A Detective quest whose draw would be to find the descendant to deliver the letter to)
  • Disembodied (quest giver in Necrom?)
  • The Face Stealer
  • I'll see you in Oblivion

Punavit Penalty

The Punavit Penalty would trigger if the player is not a member of House Indoril with at least rank 2.

Service Refusal: certain traders in map 3 would not offer service but instead complain about the Punavit, copying the reply from the Skooma and Moon Sugar Service Refusal in vanilla.

This would be filtered by Map 3 variable & Dunmer race, or House Indoril membership.

Guard Greetings: Guards of House Indoril would greet the player with a unique greeting “Possession of Punavit is legal only for members of House Indoril. What are you doing with it?”. The player would have to succeed either on a disposition check (80+) or a speechcraft check (40?) to talk their way out of the situation. Otherwise the Punavit would get confiscated.