2019-02-03 Meeting Summary

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2015-09-28 20:13
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We won five awards this year! Speeches need to be written and recorded.

DarkElfGuy offered to collaborate on Lore videos. He’d supply the video part and we’d supply the recorded lore stuff.

A topic has been made for collecting lore topics that should have a video: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/lore-topic-collection



  • a column of four exterior cells west of the Vathras plantation will be moved from the Roryn-Bluffs section into the Hlaalu-Thirr section to make a tidier (from an in-game perspective) release border.
  • These cells contain one interior, a farmhouse, which has not been NPC’d or given a pathgrid. It will need one or two NPCs with one or two lines of dialogue, nothing fancy.


  • Ascadian Bluffs is generally good to go, but might get a few green ‘shroom tables and bluefoot mushrooms for variety.
  • Most of Roth-roryn’s Grazeland textures will get swapped out for new textures unique to the region. While the new textures exist, their exact colour still needs to be adjusted to look warmer, as they currently give a very cold impression.
  • The rework will requite replacing the relevant ground textures and creating duplicates of all the Grazeland rocks that use the new textures, so that those can be swapped in via the filepatcher or quickeditor. Gnomey volunteered for the task (having created the task in the first place).
  • Some of the Grazeland flora, mainly the wickwheat and trees, will be removed, and new flora added in its place. This mainly needs to happen in the Hlaalu-Thirr file. The old flora doesn’t look so out of place that some of it remaining in the TR_Preview release file will be an issue, though it will hopefully also be replaced in time.