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Interprovincial trade system

The general idea is to create a system by which the players buys bulk goods (handled as separate items) in one province for low prices and sells in another for high prices.

As the bartering system is unable to accomodate distance-based price changes, this would need to be handled by dialogue.

There would be tariffs associated with using passes and travel networks. Some goods would require an Imperial (or perhaps other) charter to trade, others would simply be illegal. Generally you can’t talk to guards, use travel networks or passes when carrying illegal goods, and will have trouble finding buyers, but the sell price is high.

Morrowind exports:

  • Dwemer Artifacts (Old Ebonheart) - requires Imperial charter
  • Ebony (Old Ebonheart) - requires Imperial charter
  • Glass (Old Ebonheart) - luxury good
  • Racer Plumes (Baan Malur) - luxury good (mentioned in Morrowind flavour dialogue)
  • Telvanni Bugmusk (Helnim) - luxury good
  • Saltrice (Tear, Dres Horak) - cash crop
  • Kwama Eggs (Kragen Mar) - cash crop
  • Dunmer Light Armor (Kragen Mar) - arms (mentioned as an export in places like Ice and Chiton, the Rear Guard and Morrowind flavour text)

Morrowind imports:

  • Cyrodiilic Alcohol (what parts of Cyrodiil?) - Flin, Colovian Brandy, Wine (lots of Vanilla lines about high tariffs on imported liquor) -> main buyers are Hlaalu and OE, maybe Almalexia
  • Cyrodiilic Silk (Nibenay?) -> main buyers are Hlaalu and Indoril
  • Skooma (Elsweyr) - illicit good
  • Moon Sugar (Elsweyr) - illicit good (flavour text mentions failed attempts to grow moon sugar on Vvardenfell)
  • Amber (Skyrim) - luxury good -> main buyers are Redoran, Indoril and Dres
  • Breton Plate Armor (High Rock) - arms -> main buyers are Hlaalu and OE, maybe Redoran?
  • Imperial Arms (Colovia?) - cheap steel and iron for the Legions and mercenaries and the like -> main buyers are Hlaalu and Redoran
  • Silver (major producers?) - silver plating for silver and glass arms and other goods -> main buyers are OE, Indoril and Dres
  • Iron (major producers?) - while there’s some production in Morrowind, it’s limited

This bulk trade system would be limited to choice settlements.