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Book Club

The current idea is set up to work on 5 books on a weekly basis:

  • everybody checks all the books
  • everybody takes notes
  • notes are compared in #cross-project on the Tamriel Rebuilt Discord server
  • measures are taken (?)
  • global notes are taken (wiki?)


  • Morrowind has Tana and Hackle-lo, with Tana having tobacco-like leaves and hackle-lo having a pipe (and the hackle-lo leaves can just be chewed outright)
  • Tobacco itself is an import from Yokuda it is not the common smokable plant
  • Cyrodiil has Siyat, which is smoked in pipes and (Colovian) cigars - various pipes will be added with the next Tamriel_Data version, cigars are currently misc items
  • Skooma is smoked in an “opium” pipe
  • Somnalius is a kind of fern native to Black Marsh and southern Blackwood. It is used as a tea, but could perhaps also be used in a waterpipe or skooma pipe. It can also be smoked, and some cults put it in incense.  It's a sedative, but when inhaled makes one more receptive to suggestions.
  • Aegrotat is a waxy, alchemical substance also smoked in the manner of opium. A purely nibenese thing. Causes euphoria and a suppression of negative emotions.
  • Of note is that the PGE1 mentions Bosmer bone pipes, which are used to smoke caterpillars and tree grubs.
  • Argonians are a question: sauna? Similar deal to Bosmer? Inhaling fumes? Further discussion might be required.

Travel Networks: Teleportation and Intervention

The border passes should incorporate Almsivi and Divine intervention markers and shrine, not just as an afterthought, but in an atmospheric way. Guards should be positioned nearby, both to ostensibly protect the devoted and to root out smugglers who just teleported in..

This is to prevent crossing the border by intervention scroll without the player putting at least a bit of thought into it (such as levitation, jumping, or teleportation items). This would mainly be significant for players with large bounties or perhaps, depending on implementation, carrying bulk items from the interprovincial trade system.