2019-03-31 Meeting Notes

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2015-09-28 20:13
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High-priority in need of attention

Note: in order to make its status more clear, “Bottleneck” has been renamed to “Critical”.

The Bloodstone pilgrimage is in need of a review, and the rest of the Almas Thirr temple questline is in need of attention.

After the release, we need to tackle the open question of how to best reorganize the mainland temple pilgrimages (and how to integrate them with the Vvardenfell one via TR_Factions). They are currently not very good and must be reworked at a future date.


Propylons were discussed again. MinerMan proposed a part of the heartland network (below). The ruined chamber under OE never ended up being made, but will be made soon by Atrayonis.

Septim Bloodline

It turns out that Duchess Varmethys of Narsis (since deposed/dead) married into one of the Septime bloodnlines.