2019-05-05 Meeting Notes

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Release progress

  • We only have 6 more quest claims to go
  • We should find someone to finish the Rift, the final part of the quest is still wip
  • Rats is in crunch mode, Mort is already working on the Temple questline, Gnomey is finishing up Roa Dyr (but hit by RL at the moment), Jani is going to finish the plantation claim next week
  • Quest development should wrap up in a few weeks
  • The Ordinator voices, issues aside, could be put in as well

Additional entry points into Khalaan

As the only entry point into Khalaan is limited to Temple membership, we discussed several additional entry points.

The resulting points roughly correspond to the Four Corners:

  1. Temple (already exists) - faction bound
  2. Mages Guild (doesn't exist) - faction bound
  3. Malacath (?) quest - not faction bound
  4. The IAS way at the shrine of the great fire - not faction bound

The Mages Guild entry points would be limited to players who open doors to the outside in one of the “pocket realm” scenarios.

The Malacath (?) quest would have you enter Khalaan to kill a deserter Daedroth. Malacath might appear as an elven woman in one of his shrines (novel callback).

The IAS way is an easter egg. The player would need to play a certain sequence of bells (at Roa Dyr?). Scripting would work akin to the cave of hidden music - a global gets raised every time the correct sequence is hit and reset to 0 if it isn’t. A book from an IAS researcher would guide them there.

Bell 1 gets a script "if the global is 0 set it to 1, otherwise set the global to 0" - bell 2 gets a script "if the global is 1,  set it to 2, otherwise set the global to 0", and so on. Eventually bell 1 will get "if the global is 0 set it to 1, if the global is 5 set it to 6, otherwise set the global to 0". And the final bell will get "if the global is 15, teleport the player to Khalaan".

Supporting Graphic Herbalism MWSE/OpenMW

While few modelers were around, the general description (from the MWSE mod readme):

This can be done in Nifskope if the mesh is separated into different parts. If it can't be broken into picked/unpicked parts, the quick solution is to make the whole plant disable.


1. To make a single part disable, rename the Trishape node NORMAL.

2. Right-click on the same node and select Attach Parent Node and Select NISwitchNode.

3. Name the switch node HerbalismSwitch.

4. Right-click on HerbalismSwitch and select Attach Node. Select NiNode.

5. Name new node HARVESTED.

6. Save mesh.


Make sure the NORMAL node comes before the HARVESTED node, otherwise they'll work the other way around in-game, since it checks for node order, not node names.


7. To disable multiple parts of a mesh, if they already exist inside a node, rename the node NORMAL and follow the prior instructions.

8. If the mesh parts aren't bundled inside a node, add a parent NiNode to one of the parts and name it NORMAL.

9. Copy/paste the other parts inside the same node.

10. Delete the original mesh parts.

11. Go to the Spells menu, select Optimize, and click on Combine Properties.

12. Follow steps 2-6.


If the plant has parts that shouldn't disable that can't be parted from the parts you want to disable, it needs to be done in Blender. Best to disable whole plant (or leave it if it's a tree or something) and request a proper mesh be made from it from either the original modder or me.

was supported.

It should be a strong recommendation for future flora assets (as the current ones are already available as addon for the MWSE/OpenMW mod; these assets should be merged into the T_D stream as soon as convenient).

Existing assets, presumably those in the addon/internal version can be updated - Stripes has volunteered to do so.