2019-05-19 Meeting Summary

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Khlanaan Dunmeris

Given that the ghosts in Khalaan are either approaching near-dissolution or have gone senile and were never the most outgoing of people when alive, the use of Dunmeris is appropriate:

  1. If the ghost is expected to spout a phrase and then close dialogue forcibly, indicating its degradation,
  2. When used as phrases in dialogue (take inspiration from the TES V dragon language),
  3. When doing so is cool and contains unique phrases

Dunmeris should not be used:

  1. To form full paragraphs (nevermind full sentences),
  2. When the translated gibberish is more fun than the untranslated one,
  3. When it becomes too much of a gimmick; formal or old-fashioned wording can communicate the same concepts as can skipping over a long text with “this is written in ancient Dunmeris and details <etc>”.

As a general note, the use of Dunmeris in dialogue is discouraged. While flavorful and making a point, it is hard to read and the language is not nearly developed enough to see it through.

When the use of Dunmeris is good, the best source to base phrases on to date is this wiki entry: https://casualscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Dunmeri_language

Indoril <x>es

A rather long discussion without any conclusion was held.

The general gist is that Indoril nobles have been planned for a long while (originating from Sload) to use only Indoril <Firstname>, with all clan names absent as they have been subsumed into Indoril proper.
This makes navigating Roa Dyr rather confusing, as The Indoril Ilvi, his wife, three sons, and a visiting noble are in short distance of each other.

Alternative solutions were discussed: having the Indoril <Firstname> only used by chapel lords, having non-chapel lords use Indoril <Firstname>-<Lastname>, having his sons use <Firstname> <Lastname>, or having non-chapel lords use Indoril <Firstname>-<Location>.

No consensus was reached, although the general tendency seems mixed while tilting to and acceptance of the Indoril <Firstname> systematic.

Indoril Template Meeting

The earliest doable date would be June 9th (Pentecost) or June 16th.