2019-06-16 Meeting Summary

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Rubberman, final confirmation/call for concepts and textures.

Concept art
Functional concepts:

Should not be taken too literally, but can be worked with:


Indoril Naming Scheme

The Indoril are split into two halves: nobility and non-nobile retainers.
For the nobility, they are all Indoril <Firstname>, with chapel Lords and Ladies being The xth Indoril <Title>.

Retainers are <Firstname> <Clanname>.

House ranks are reorganised to deal with this and were merged into the TR Data Addon today:

Retainer->Oathman->Creedman->Accorder->Kinsman->Concordant Minister->Lay Elder->Illuminated Elder->Seneschal of the House->Grand Ascendant

 Nobility is “automatically” gained by becoming Kinsman, and nobles (even children) are automatically Kinsmen in the house and thereby Indoril <Firstname>s.  


  • Indoril Ilvi (Chapel Lord of Roa Dyr), as this is a title, it’s also okay to refer to “the Indoril Ilvi” or “the 43rd Indoril Ilvi”
  • Indoril Llaren (Noble by birth, son of the 43rd Indoril Ilvi)
  • Nerevar Mora (random Retainer)

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