2019-08-04 Meeting Summary

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Release things

Khalaan is in need of quest checkers. All hands on deck!

Creatures that would be nice to have:

  • a “bug-fish”
  • the juvenile Riverstrider (which grow up in Lake Andaram)

Lifecycle of the Riverstrider

Riverstriders are spawned and spend their juvenile stages in Lake Andaram.

At that time, their wings are functional, and their foot pads allow them to stand on the water with surface tension, so they zoom around as a mix between water strider insects and dragonflies.

As riverstriders age they grow bloated, and rather than perching on the water they float in it, pushing their way forward with the help of their oar-like legs. It is then they start migrating to the Salt Washes that open to Lake Andaram.

Eventually, their now useless wings wither and the riverstriders live fully in the cavernous depths of the Deshaan, feeding on the half-rotted, half-mummified corpses that tend to collect there, the corpses of would-be escaped slaves chief among them.

Riverstrider transports are then harvested by the Dres by carefully exposing and manipulating the insects’ nerve endings and making it suitable as a ride.

Gradually they too succumb, both to their ever-increasing mass and the salt that hangs thick in the air. Especially bloated specimens can end up blocking canals, and removing them is not a pretty task. These bloated seniors themselves serve as abundant carrion to their juniors upon death, or sometimes, indeed, a little before death.

TR/PT Meetings

TR meetings will be scheduled for Sunday every two weeks.

The other weeks, PT will hold meetings (current plan is on Saturdays, time unknown).

With this we hope to both revitalize TR meetings, turn them from a decision-making crutch into something better and help PT make decisive and lasting design-decisions that are commonly acknowledged and archived.

Moving NPC list

  • Vodunius Nuccius - leaves Seyda Neen (to Narsis) as part of a misc quest. His TR journey goes from Teyn (lost his money) to Almas Thirr (unknown reasons) to Tear (slave pits). He truly is very unlucky.
  • Caius Cossades - supposedly recalled from Balmora to the Imperial City as part of the main quest. As per TES IV canon actually spends time in Narsis and later travels to the tomb of Uriel Septim IV.
  • Tashpi Ashibael - leaves Maar Gan for the Mainland as part of a Mages Guild quest. Might also be killed by the player.
  • Jiub - unknown fate, sent somewhere after the character setup. Other mods can take care of him.
  • Prison ship crew - sailed somewhere after the character setup. Might be docked in Thorn in Black Marsh or hang out in Ud Hleryn.
  • Duvianus Platorius - left for the mainland searching for Addhiranirr as part of the Main Quest. He leaves for the mainland (or alternatively goes down to the Underworks after directed there by the player). Could show up in the Ebon Tower Census and Excise office.
  • Hlormar Wine-Sot - one of the Naked Nords might have left for his home in Windhelm after his misc quest concludes.
  • Fast Eddie - does various quests on the mainland during the House Telvanni questline. He should be kept in mind for Telvannis.
  • SHotN: Ahk'nir - leaves Karthwasten for Whiterun as part of his misc quest.

Unimplemented Dialogue

Atrayonis will take care of the Quarantine topics while the rest are saved for another day.