2019-08-18 Meeting Summary

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Birds in the hour of Meniscate

In summary:

  • Script: T_ScSound_Birds -> T_ScSound_Birds_01
  • Activator: T_Glb_Sound_Birdsinging_01 -> T_Glb_Sound_Birds_01
  • Soundfiles: Birds_01_01, _01_02, etc. (placed in Sounds/Sky folder)
  • Sound Entries (CS): T_SndEnv_Birds_01_01, 01_02, etc.
  • Filenames should be kept as they are (project-specific).

Tamriel Data: Last minute and on

Suggested last-minute addons:

Juvenile riverstriders will be added to the Data_Addon and Lake Andaram (especially the part of it in TR_Mainland) should be populated with them. The other items on this list are optional.

Riverstrider eggs have been set up as an asset and could be added to Lake Andaram if they are made, but are not necessary and will naturally not make it into this coming T_Data release.

High res/low res in Tamriel Data

As general rule of thumb, 256x256 and similar are vanilla-style and should be scaled up to roughly 4 times the size to 1024x1024. These are the explicit sizes of landscape texture and a guideline for other ones.

Smoothed out meshes are also supposed to go to the HD BSA, as the vanilla BSA is explicitly intended to work with Morrowind’s blocky vanilla style and HD is meant to work with modern setups, which tend to include model replacers.