2019-10-06 Meeting Summary

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Wrapping up the Release

  • We should have had a TR 1908 release, what's in need to be done for TR1910?

Post-release discussions

Cross-Province questions

  • Faction integration, cross-provincial
  • Armor and weapons: sorting out stats, expanding or restricting vanilla sets, special cases
  • Wolli's asset removal and deprecation tracking list

Worldspace Implementation

  • Andothren, continued exterior/mansion discussion
  • Volenfaryon interior planning
  • Ald Marak / Ald Iuval / Hlan Oek / Othmura town and interior planning
  • TV2 and TV3 wilderness interior planning
  • Renaming Mobua

Quests and Dialogue

  • The Andothren MG and also the general MG plans, particularly if someone with a good general idea of afterlife-, dreamsleeve- and soultrap-related lore is around
  • The "characters" of towns like Andothren and Kartur
  • Moving the IAS Helnim questline to OE and Kartur
  • Reviewing quest claims in design stage and putting them up for claiming


Template Meetings

  • House Redoran
  • Clambering Moor
  • Velothi Mountains
  • Othreleth Woods


Meeting Summary

Renaming Mobua

Proposals: Mobua, Monubiad, Mobruhn, Moburan, Pamashibabua, Pamashi
We’re going with Moburan as the new name for the island.

OE Archaeology Questline

The original proposal is to move the ancestral tomb and the questline from Helnim to the Velothi Mountains west of Kartur. The main benefit would be having quest pointers to the West from OE.

The questline would start in OE, with the questgiver pointing the player to an off-site encampment of the IAS, situated someplace west of Kartur. No more content in added to OE itself. At the base camp, the player meets the second guestgiver (who's in charge for the rest of the questline), and is given the task of scouting for potential dig sites (quest 1).

Requirements for joining the questline at different IAS guildhalls were briefly discussed. A meeting would be nice for fleshing out the faction.

Moving quest designs into claiming

This should wait until the release is done, along with some more Andothren planning.


The stronghold contains a renegade tribe of Ashlanders, which have formed around a gathering of Mabrigash that act as rulers. Connections to the ESO “Mabrigash” tribe can be added in references to the tribe living near Almalexia in old days, only to be driven out and eventually setting in/on Volenfaryon.

One of the Mabrigashs should be named Seba Harrinat, with the tribe being nameless (having embraced different, better ways).

The tribe is led by the Elder Sister, primus inter pares of the 3 Mabrigash council. Alongside them, there are 2 man-slaves and 4 hunters and gatherers.

The tribe and location could add lots of opportunity for quests dealing in twisted magic. If the PC is male, the tribe treat him poorly. Quest potential also includes dealing with the Mabrigash trying to backstab each other, and a quest(line?) with the propylon chamber.

The exterior should be edited to make the location more unique, basically adding ashlander statics and activators like wind chimes or canopies on the platform.

1: Propylon Chamber - A creepy magic lab. The player using the network and being force-greeted by a mabrigash trying to attack/imprison them when they appear could be an intriguing start to a questline. Should have a failsafe for when the player travels to the chamber normally and opens the door.
2: Dome - Hall of the Mabrigash
3: Hut - married pair of hunters
4: Hut - gatherer/worker (the tinkerer of the tribe)
5: Hut - 2 man-slaves sleeping inside near collapsed stairs

Outside - a sentry (possibly from hut #3) holding vigil.

The following claim designs should be updated with this:
This design should be split into four claims, one for each camp and another for the various wilderness camps https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/npcs-and-general-dialogue-ashland...

Hlan Oek

There are birds in the exterior of Hlan Oek, which should be removed.

Interior descriptions were discussed. Some interiors might utilize finished interior showcases.

01 -                 
02 - A fisherman’s home.
03 -
04 - An Imperial Cult chapel. 
05 - A fisherman’s home.
06 - 
07 - A Hlaalu Council Company Tradehouse
08 - 
09 - Docks warehouse; looks a bit shady. Contraband stuff?
10 -
11 - 
12 - A shady cornerclub, possibly a CT hangout, but definitely some crime goes on here.
13 -
14 -
15 -
16 -
17 -
18 -
19 -
20 - A Hlaalu manor / Council hall. Well protected from the rest of the town.
21 -
22 -
23 - 
24 -