2019-10-13 Meeting Summary

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2015-09-28 20:13
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...looks more like a TR1911 at this rate. 

Quest testing would help a lot, specifically the Aimrah questline and the Indoril bounty quests.
“No good deed”, “Hlarsis vs.Alju Deekus”, “A Breadcrumb Trail” and “Burden of Proof” are optional for the release, but testing them would help too.

The big blockers are still Tur Julan and Roa Dyr.

As a side matter: whether this turns out to be TR1911 or TR1912, we must have a TR2002 release to coincide with Morrowind’s original release year.


The nature of Andothren should be fourfold:

  1. A religious aspect as a pilgrimage site (which the Hlaalu are not at odds with, stereotypes and flanderization aside)
  2. a bustling trade port, especially associated with trade to and from the newly opened Vvardenfell, generally represented by the lower Hlaalu and outlanders,
  3. the fatcats and entrepreneurs, the Hlaalu and outlander nobility,
  4. the criminal thugs, who keep the city itself running: as a hive of the Camonna Tong (on the rise) and the Thieves Guild (on the way down), it represents a reflection of smuggling across both the Inner Sea and Roth-Roryn.

Existing documents, as compiled by WindEole: 

The exterior plans for Andothren were wildly discussed.

The idea to add a proper manor district and a minor second harbor in the northwest…

...were opposed by ideas to cut some parts of the south-west in return.

Old maps about the use of the interiors were dug up.



In the end, we need to go by the old interior list (posted here: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/old_forum/viewtopic.php?p=319630#319630) and go look over all of them, for:

  1. quality and fitting work
  2. discernible identity
  3. summary of anything that was written in the original claim thread

Only then can we decide to cut, add, or move things.

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2018-08-13 09:52
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Something that wasnt raised during the meeting but I think should be on the record for the future discussions about additions/subtractions, the city currently lacks a Morag Tong hall which given the cities size and politcal factions seems like an essential piece that is missing.

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