2019-11-24 Meeting Summary

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Lua Interrupt

During this week, there have been some developments in the world of Lua-implementations for MW, specifically a pending collaboration between the developers of MWSE and Tes3MP.

During this discussion, it came up that TR could do well with some Lua scripts as an addon. mort has volunteered to do something for some Daedric artifacts. 

It was feared that this means we need to edit TR scripts so they no longer work with the vanilla engine. This is, however, incorrect. 

Lua scripts act more like MGE XE shaders, in that they are part of an external program and intercept Morrowind's code - Lua scripts for TR would thereby simply "sit there", waiting for MWSE (and, hopefully in the future, OpenMW) to do something with them. If these are not present, they are essentially just text files and nothing happens.

However, TR stays committed to the vanilla experience. This means that Lua scripts will be an addon and not a replacement for MWScript code.

As part of the collaboration, TR is going to post a “Tes3MP is cool” article and put it on the front page.

Similar to the Lua implementation, it was feared that this means leaving single players behind. This too is not correct.

Some vistas in exterior cells have already been changed with multiplayer in mind, by widening some spaces to allow for several people gawking at the landscape and traveling past each other. 

Similarly, some puzzles in Kemel-Ze might work with either two players or one player and a creature controlled Dwemer centurion; but this is not clear yet.

Still, these all represent addons, TR will remain playable as a single-player vanilla game with no drawbacks.

The Release Situation

Roa Dyr is the current blocker, with the other claims either pending review or being in review. 

As the release is dipping into December, it was agreed to set a deadline until next Sunday, 2019-12-01, for Roa Dyr to be finished, or else merge the WIP file (pending necessary cleanup).

The other claims need testing and some fixes that result from testing, but should be done in time for a December release.

A test merge has been scheduled for December 7th.

Hlan Oek

Hlan Oek Interiors

Interior descriptions were discussed. Some interiors might utilize finished interior showcases.

  1. Small shop “At Wharf’s End”. Pawnbroker? Carries things like fishing poles, pearls, scales, a lot of fishermen stuff, aside from the normal fair.     
  2. A fisherman’s home.
  3. Slaver’s house, there for flavor only. May be turned into a service later on but for now doesn’t sell anything to the player.
  4. An Imperial Cult chapel. The local Thieves Guild (2 or 3 members) hangs out here. The cult shrine is itself aligned more closely with an aspect of Zenithar than is healthy, specifically a "Zenithar always wins" aspect.
  5. A fisherman’s home.
  6. Vacant Home for Sale”, used in a scamming quest. Should be locked and have a corpse inside.
  7. A Hlaalu Council Company Tradehouse
  8. Guard tower 
  9. Docks warehouse; looks a bit shady. Contraband stuff?
  10. Shipmaster’s house
  11. Residence
  12. A shady cornerclub, possibly a CT hangout, but definitely some crime goes on here.
  13. Blacksmith, either a member of, or a business associate to the local CT/criminal element in the area.
  14. Residence
  15. Home of a well-to-do trader involved in The Clueless Eggminer. Needs not actually sell anything to the player.
  16. Residence, hosts parties on the roof.
  17. Residence
  18. Fancy Hlaalu cornerclub
  19. Residence
  20. A Hlaalu manor / Council hall. Well protected from the rest of the town.
  21. Manor of a retired Hlaalu guard with connections to nobility, specifically the one in the Hlaalu manor next door.
  22. House of a martial arts trainer
  23. Guard tower
  24. Tribunal Temple

The Thieves Guild Questline

The Thieves Guild in the Imperial Chapel should offer one or two quests but no actual questline. Courier quests with sealed messages would work well for that.

If the player is not a member of the Thieves Guild it should not be apparent that this is what they are.

Hlan Oek’s Crimelord

The actual ruler of Hlan Oek resides in the sewers (which need to be built for this) in a luxurious chamber he can no longer escape from. 

This Sload crimelord and his minions control the shadows of this already seedy city. Having grown so large as to no longer be able to reenter the sewers after leaving with a Mark he set a while ago, he is content to drain wealth from the city for now.

The player should be able to join the gang and participate in gang activity, sell out the whole gang to the Thieves Guild, sell out the whole gang to the Hlaalu, or overthrow the crimelord for personal gain.