2019-12-08 Meeting Summary

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Release News

A Tamriel_Data 7.5 will be assembled by Worsas during the next week. Hopefully, this will be the public release of v7.

During the next week, Atrayonis will assemble a changelog for TR1912.

We are all waiting on Why to make a test merge today.

Various guild stuff

Hlan Oek: Remove the Thieves Guild from the Imperial shrine. Set up a branch of the Knights of Iron. The idea would be that they set up shop there and were given special permission by the relevant authorities to enforce the law in Hlan Oek.

The Thieves Guild: Might act as a plausibly deniable cover for imperial spying. While it may have developed independently, its usefulness as a surgical tool for foreign policy purposes has given it the necessary toleration (from the Cyrodiil side) to keep it alive. Do not overdo this; most likely the influence channel is broken at this point, but some may still remember it.

In Velothis, House Redoran would have a live-and-let-live attitude to non-Dunmer, including the Thieves Guild. As long as the outlanders don’t step on House Redoran’s toes, they are pretty much left alone. This attitude is convenient for factions like the Thieves Guild, which is faced with harsh opposition from the Camonna Tong and more hardline xenophobes elsewhere in Morrowind. Conversely, House Redoran has taken a harder line against Camonna Tong activities, as neither the Armistice nor Temple Law hinder them from enforcement against local criminal organizations, and House Redoran is aware of House Hlaalu having ties to the Camonna Tong.

As a result, the Thieves guild is a bit more hesitant to steal in the district, at least from Redoran, but engage in a lot of transport, fencing and safekeeping of members and goods. “You don’t shit where you eat”.