2019-12-22 Meeting Summary

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Post-release is pre-release

  • We are aiming at a 20.0X release with bugfixes, Moburan, and potentially Roa Dyr dialogue additions.
  • The Baluath vampire clan needs to be scripted. Simply copying the scripts for the Orlukh clan and adjusting them accordingly will be enough.

Template meetings

The template meetings have been discussed and we decided to tackle them in this order:

  1. Velothi Mountains
  2. Shipal Shin
  3. Clambering Moor
  4. House Redoran
  5. Othreleth Woods

Southern Velothi Mountain Region

A new region will be spun off, with one cell going into Armun Ashlands and six cells from the “borderlands” merged into it.

A release file has been added and just needs to be filled with life.

Dominion of Dust section file work

The DoD release will consist of 3-4 section files. For the most part (though in need of update for stuff like levelled lists) roadmaps for the sections have been laid out and are linked below:


Roryn’s Bluff

Armun Ashlands

Southern Velothi Mountains

  • The release file is getting split off from RestExteriors as above.
  • This region’s template meetings will be held soon.


To progress on Andothren interiors, we need a spreadsheet with

  1. the claim/current IDs
  2. their final names (these will generally be filled out later)
  3. the original claim description
  4. the comments from Gnomey’s Andothren review, Rats’ comments and whatever other comments exist

Once this has been set up, Gnomey will make a proposal for what buildings should be moved where and which should be removed/added.

After this - and the finalization of the Hlaalu modular manor set - work can begin on the exteriors. Should the Hlaalu modular model set not be done in time, placeholders must be used.

Next meeting timeline

  • 5th - Meeting as per regular schedule 
  • 12th/13th - Velothi Mountains Template meetings