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Proposed Agenda

Dominions of Dust

  • MVP: Quests. continued


  • How is progress on Andothren?

  • Andothren, continued exterior/mansion discussion.

  • The Andothren MG and also the general MG plans, particularly if someone with a good general idea of afterlife-, dreamsleeve- and soultrap-related lore is around


  • Should we declutter exteriors (particularly Roth-Roryn and Old Ebonheart) for bigger vanilla parity and support of users with lower end PCs and laptops?

  • Should exterior tunnels be allowed, like in Soluthis or Hlan Oek?

Cross-Province questions

  • Faction integration, cross-provincial

  • Armor and weapons: sorting out stats, expanding or restricting vanilla sets, special cases

  • Wolli's asset removal and deprecation tracking list

Worldspace Implementation

  • Firemoth archipelago

  • TV2-4 wilderness interior planning

  • Propylon index placement

Quests and Dialogue

  • The "characters" of towns like Kartur


Preparing Template Meetings

  • House Redoran

  • Clambering Moor

    • How should the Kartur section be expanded?

    • Do we want to make an exterior claim for the inner sea bordering the big CM island, akin to the Idaverrano seabed edits?

  • Othreleth Woods

Meeting Notes


Google spreadsheet:



Kevaar's overview: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/dod-quest-overview


Roth-Roryn cont.

Remnants of Resdayn got fixed, it can be turned into an Omaynis claim now: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/remnants-resdayn


Arvud cont.

New optional Arvud misc quest: 

The player is sent to investigate an Ashlander camp by Arvud rumors due to caravan attacks or something. The inhabitants will turn out to be vampires who offer quests to Baluath players. The quest can be completed by just killing them and reporting back, or they can be left alive. The camp in question (no certain directions are given): https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/ashlands-camp-1


Armun Ashlands Wilderness

The Baluath still need merging.


Ishanuran Nerevarine quest MVP

The Ishanuran tell the player about a renegade Ashlander tribe that is led by a group of mabrigash. They are an affront to everything the Ishanuran hold sacred, so the task is to free their tribesmen by either killing the mabrigash, or convincing them to give up the tribesmen voluntarily. For the latter case, the enchanter quest has to be completed in favor of the mabrigash. If the enchanter quest was completed before the nerevarine quest, the player might be able to just buy the tribesmen's freedom. There's also an option to incite rebellion among the tribesmen to overthrow the mabrigash.


Volenfaryon rebellion quest OPTIONAL

The tribesmen of Volenfaryon are not content with the ruling class of mabrigash basically keeping them in slavery. The player can incite rebellion and help them overthrow their rulers.


Volenfaryon  propylon quest MVP

The player uses the network and is force-greeted by a mabrigash trying to attack/imprison them when they appear. The choices are to either kill the mabrigash, or do a quest for them (enchanter).


Volenfaryon echanter quest MVP

There's a master enchanter living in a cave near Volenfaryon. He's trying to move his consciousness into a crystal, essentially becoming immortal. The mabrigash want to stop this process, because they fear the enchanter might have some nefarious plans for their tribe. So they ask the player to kill him. However, the enchanter tells the player that he's willing to train him if the player performs a mass blood sacrifice or some other fucked up shit for him in Volenfaryon. If the player sides with the mabrigash, they leave the player alone and start trading with him. If the player sides with the enchanter, his soul is completely transferred to the crystal, and he gives out discount training to the player.


Volenfaryon intrigue quest OPTIONAL

"The tribe and location could add lots of opportunity for quests dealing in twisted magic. If the PC is male, the tribe treat him poorly. Quest potential also includes dealing with the Mabrigash trying to backstab each other"


Volenfaryon kingmaker quest OPTIONAL

“Playing kingmaker for the mabrigash, demoting the last one standing to wise woman, and raising an ashkhan so they're a normal tribe might also be interesting”


Armun Ashlands wilderness quest MVP: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/ganahiru-or-great-beast


Quest ideas by Rats (optional):

“I have another wilderness quest for the road: a group of bandits pretending to be a caravan in trouble.” - encounter in the section file

“For one of the wildeness Ashlander camps I have a quest hook planned for their guar being poisoned and slowly dying. The ashlanders are planning on eating it and dont wish to put it out of its misery lest it rot quicker. The player can attempt to heal the guar.” - in section file, happens at https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/ashlands-camp-4


If any more quests are needed, grab ideas from here: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/ashlander-quest-content-anthropological-perceptive


Velothi Mountains Wilderness

Naked Witch MVP:
The player encounters a paralyzed woman (race probably does not matter, but Dunmer or Breton is cliche'd). She confides that she hired a Nord bodyguard and tried to rob him, only for her magic to turn back against her (reflect amulet or similar). The Nord in turn stripped her off her possessions and left her there to rethink her life choices. She asks the player to get back her possessions (a cure paralyze potion having been in her pocket). The Nord is making camp nearby and is willing to part with the witches possessions if his disposition is high enough. Alternatively, the player can kill him. The witch offers a reward of teaching the player a bit about Alteration (+2).


Further optional quests to be discussed during interior planning.



Optional: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/tribunal-tourism

MVP: Vodunius Nuccius quest

1) The player gets a discount with the Seyda Neen boatmaster to the Mainland (Greeting: "You must be %PCName. Vodunius Nuccius mentioned you. Now, I don't quite run a shipping service, but if I can help you reach your destination, I will gladly do so." doOnce, ModDisposition)

2) Vodunius is in the Teyn inn, having gambled his money away. He's once again asking for your financial support (estimate based on cost of boat to Almas Thirr). Alternatively, the player could ask the gamblers kindly to give Vodunius his travel money back. Or the player could throw the dice to see if they can win it back (see implemented dice rolling quest in the Breadcrumb Trail quest in OE)

3) Vodunius ends up in Almas Thirr, having been scammed. The ordinators don't want to help an outlander scum get his pennies back, so the player has to help him out again with gold for a ride to Narsis. (estimate based on cost of boat to Narsis) Alternatively, the player could help him get his money back from the scammers.


Cost estimates should assume 40 disposition, 40 mercantile.


Fort Ancylis


There’s an existing quest there, about the history of the fort. It should be left alone as a misc quest.

Proposed IL questline:

1) Freedom at Any Price

Fort Ancylis is in disarray, with the commandant (Rojanna Jades) quarantined and unable to speak. So you don’t get any quests “through proper channels” right away. But if you talk to the legionnaires, you find one (call him Z, probably a new NPC) who has himself been given a task and is unable to complete it, and is more than happy to unload it onto you.


An Imperial citizen (probably beast race, but not necessarily) has been illegally enslaved and is now somewhere in the Savrethi distillery (e.g., the basement of slave shack i4-268 looks like a good place). You have to get him out.


Z already tried and got himself kicked out of the place, so he won’t be of use, but he may have some suggestions and a Divine Intervention Scroll to hand over to the slave. This is an opportunity to introduce the player to whatever game mechanics are useful here.


You ask around the distillery and learn that the slave has gone missing, so even if they wanted to help they can’t. Worse yet, the slave has stolen a key to his bracers, and they really want it back lest someone puts it to use. One of the other slaves hints that the slave in question was a climber, so he might have hopped up the hills. So you explore the neighboring hills a bit and come upon a cave, TR_i4-516-Hla, inhabited by bandits. The slave tried to hide in that cave, but got enslaved by the bandits in turn (yes, we’d have to build a slave pen in that cave). At this point it’s probably a straightforward “kill the bandits” quest (make sure not to make them too hard; first quest in the IL questline!). You may return the key to the plantation for sympathy points or free the other slaves using it, but be wary of doing both :)


The quest should be available to non-Legion players too, and may actually be part of a questline that culminates in the player joining the Legion (see the next quest).


Note 1: You can use another Hlaalu plantation instead of the Savrethi distillery, but it should be in beginner-friendly territory and preferrably not too important for other quests. It might be useful if the Divine Intervention target from the plantation is Fort Ancylis.


Note 2: No need to get scripty with sneak-away or pursuit mechanics; this is not meant to be an escort mission. Just make the player hand the slave his keys and a Divine Intervention scroll; the slave will figure out the rest. Use some euphemisms/codewords in the response in case other slaves are nearby (“Khajiit thanks you for the interesting read; Khajiit was getting bored here”).


2) Corruption of the Tongue


The quest hook has been implemented by Rats, but it needs to become an actual quest. Ideally there should be many ways to solve it, most of which require interacting with other Legion branches and thus cannot be implemented yet. But the most straightforward option can be implemented, as it can be done locally to Fort Ancylis. (Just make sure to leave lots of room between the first few journal values, or to use a multi-quest setup.)


Here is what has been implemented: Rojanna Jades is the commandant of Fort Ancylis, but her battlemage Karthellomar has staged a low-key putsch against her, quarantining her in her room for an allegedly highly infectious disease (actually plain Blood Lung). The player can unlock her room (needs to unlock the way out too) and heal her with a standard Cure Common Disease spell. But so far, this gains the player nothing other than a thankful greeting from her.


Here is what Gnomey, Kaiel and I have come up with instead:


Rojanna Jades has picked up a sneaky curse sometime when dealing with a vampire (?). It robs her of her voice and (illusion magic) makes her look sick. However, it’s not hemophilia, and she is not a vampire. Nevertheless, Karthellomar believes she is (he isn’t great at illusion), and so he has quarantined her, waiting for guidance from above (which never comes because the Imperial Legion is riding headless). He has informed the whole fort that she has a dangerous contagious disease, but he never said “vampirism” in order to avoid a panic. Apphia (the alchemist in Fort Ancylis) believes that Rojanna simply has Blood Lung and that Karthellomar is making a mountain out of this molehill purely to grab her power for himself. (Others probably think the same.)


This is the state as the player arrives in the fort. Now the actual quest:

  1. Apphia hints at having a delicate but important task for you, but as she doesn’t trust you with it right away, she directs you to the questgiver of the first task (1.2 above) first. (Unless, of course, you’ve done it already.)

  2. Once you have done that other task, you can talk to her again. She asks you to help free Rojanna, who she believes has been unjustly confined by a power-hungry mage.

  3. Get the guard in front of the door distracted. (Possibly, the slave rescued by the player in the previous quest could help -- maybe by creating a distraction?)

  4. As the guard leaves the hall, Apphia enters. Unlock the door (or she does?).

  5. Apphia tries a potion of Cure on Rojanna (no result), then a potion of Dispel. This causes Rojanna’s appearance to change to a healthy one; her voice still isn’t back, though.

  6. Apphia has heard of voice-denying curses before and suspects this is one of them. You are to collect some ingredients (not just flowers, possibly some items from an alchemist in OE) for a potion to heal the poison.

  7. Ask Apphia to brew the potion.

  8. As you approach Rojanna’s room, you are confronted by Karthellomar, who yells at you for endangering the whole fort (remember, he does believe Rojanna is a vampire).

  9. Apphia comes in and Karthellomar agrees to take a look at Rojanna.

  10. Rojanna doesn’t believe his explanation and demotes him and gets him imprisoned in the basement.

  11. Rojanna then offers the player to join the Legion.


Note: In order for this to work, the backdoor from/to Rojanna’s room (the load door, that takes you outside) should be blocked by script from both sides. Otherwise the player could bypass the guard.


Karthellomar should get rehabilitated in a later quest (or immediately if the player has sufficiently high rank?). (While he did nothing wrong from his point of view, Rojanna isn’t happy to let this slide, and he is her subordinate.)


3) Dreugh Problems


The commander asks the player to kill some dreugh that are bothering the fishermen near Teyn. It was a command she was given just before falling ill. She also sends Kathellomar to the shore to provide assistance, and for him to gain back her trust. Kathellomar then basically tells the player to keep the dreugh close to the shore so he can take them out. This is exactly what happens, the player is fighting underwater with 3-5 dreugh, while Kathellomar is standing on the shore, killing them one by one, every 10-30 seconds. In the end, Kathellomar is rehabilitated, and the player gets to do some more interesting duties somewhere else.


4) Death of an Agent

The player is sent to Menaan to investigate the death of an EEC agent.


The governor of Menaan is a really nasty piece of work; a particularly slimy specimen of the Camonna Tong who has more or less retired and is spending her remaining years living in luxury and idly spinning nasty schemes and getting the other townspeople, who are all under her thumb, to play along.

Her daughter, also living with her, is a former member of the EEC who embezzled a rather large sum and effectively ran back to her mother for protection. She's not quite as nasty as her mother and is relatively harmless, but that isn't saying much. She can act halfway decent when making business transactions, but otherwise is thoroughly unpleasant.


An EEC agent who was sent to Menaan to recover money embezzled by the governor's daughter, and now has a nice house for his trouble, being the only outlander living within the walls of Menaan. He may at some point rack up some debts, (gambling being the obvious cause), attempt to blackmail the governor and promptly meet with an unfortunate accident, to be missed by absolutely nobody. It is implied that the governor basically orchestrated the whole affair from start to finish because she'd grown tired of having an outlander within her walls and felt like toying with him a bit before removal. Obviously, the EEC can't let their agents die under mysterious circumstances, and they hired the Imperial Legion to investigate. The player has to find out details about the demise of the agent, and report back to Fort Ancylis.


5) Arrest quest

The player has to arrest the governor (if she's still alive after the quest “Cut Short in Menaan”) and her daughter.


6) Bottles Skies

The player is informed that an Imperial Legion ship had gone missing west of Teyn, near a place called Llaram Farm. Upon reaching the farm, they are told that on the night of the storm, a strange magical aura or whatever could be felt, and that there's a wise woman living nearby who might be able to tell more. In her cave dwelling, the PC speaks to this secretly magically-inclined woman, and at some point in the dialogue, they are transported onto an Imperial Legion ship trapped in a storm. The player character must then seek out the remaining survivors of the ship's crew, either helping them or hindering them. After finding a mcguffin to free themselves (and the remaining crew if the player so chooses), the storm clears and it is revealed that the ship is actually inside of a glass bottle being displayed on the old woman's mantle. The player escapes the bottle and can either decide at this point to bring the Dunmeri woman to justice, allow her to continue doing what she does, or take the law into their own hands.


Still needs editing, make it work somehow