2020-05-24 Meeting Summary

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  • Work on the eastern interiors is by and large finished (1 remains in development),
  • the western interiors are awaiting opening,
  • the Exterior has seen a cliff face lift

Cross-Province Coordination

In general, the factions and their provincial incarnations do not carry over rank or privilege.
The exceptions are the Blades and the East Empire Company, both of which are one, unified, faction across the Empire.

For all other factions, even a leader of one province will need to start from scratch in another:

  • Mages and Fighters Guild should ask if the player is sure or act as if the provincial upstart is now joining the “proper” guild
    • The nature of the “Archmage” rank is still something that needs to be hashed out: Morrowind has (as per Trebonius’ dialogue) at least two, Stros M’kai, a rather tiny island, (as per ES:Redguard) had one,
    • Inter-provincial travel takes place with <need a name, probably not Shift> Gates, which are available to Magicians of the respective faction. The Magician of the Morrowind Mages Guild could travel to Cyrodiil and back again, for example, but not to Skyrim.
  • The Thieves Guild is not hierarchical enough to care.
  • The Imperial Legion should have a brief interaction about “reassigning” the player to the province, in Cyrodiil the player would be treated as if they had been an auxiliary before
    • Sidenote: the player can currently become a Knight of the Imperial Dragon by killing Varus Vantinius in Morrowind, but the Legion has (sensibly) recently outlawed rank progression due to duels (as this caused a lot of problems elsewhere). Of course “those provincial imbeciles” have ignored central HQ commands and so the result would be that the player has to re-attain/affirm their rank as knight the "proper" paths, plus maybe a side-quest where a member of the Vantinius family tries to have them assassinated.
    • Inter-provincial travel via Weir Gates is limited to one-use tokens. The idea is that the player would get tokens for the mission and then burn through them as necessary. The highest rank might get an imperishable token.
  • The Imperial Cult does not exist in Cyrodiil per se (it is guided by the Imperial Seminary in Tiberiad and ruled by the Ennead Council) and each provincial version of it is essentially its own syncretic religious order.
  • The Dark Brotherhood is joinable in Cyrodiil, High Rock, and Skyrim (maybe Black Marsh); as they are local cells the player can join several
    • The Dark Brotherhood and Morag Tong should be exclusive to each other: the player can join one faction but not the other. 
    • This should allow for “regrets”: if the player is expelled from his current faction and then joins the other, they cannot be reinstated in the first one.

Armor and weapons

Things have marched on from this topic. The idea was to look at a sort of unified balance of armor and weapon sets, so that comparable ones should exist in all provinces.

As spreadsheets are easy to make, this would be the first step. However, use of mort’s rebalance mods, which change various bits (Goblin weapons, Riekling weapons, Dark Brotherhood armor?) is required as well.

This should be discussed at a later date, after the analysis has actually been done.